Good news for all you Pro Evo players out there! Nike are bringing their newest football boots to Konami’s latest in the classic franchise.

New Nike Football Boots in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Whilst the Pro Evolution Soccer team have included a huge variety of authentic football boots in the 2011 edition, we know you readers will be aching to have your Pro’s wearing the most up-to-date footwear possible.

And this year it’s easier than ever, coming as a completely free piece of Downloadable Content (DLC), you’ll be able to get your mits on an update that brings the Voltage Cherry Superfly II, Platinum Orange T90 Laser III, Cream Tiempo Legend III and the Sapphire Blue CTR360 Maestri to your players feet!

It’s not just the new football boots that you’ll be getting in this DLC though – you’ll also be getting some new and updated Kits, including the new England Kit, and updated kit for the Ivory Coast.

New Nike Football Boots in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Oi! Digital Jame-o! What’re you doing back there? What’ve you done with Joe?!

You’ll also be getting a whole host of Stats and Roster updates for all the teams in the game, which will update all the teams in the game to reflect how they’ve started the season – meaning if Liverpool’s your team of choice, don’t get the update for the time being!

This free download is available to gamers on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC (though we’ve no doubt that you PC gamers have been using modded skins for a while now anyways!)

It’s interesting to see Nike & Umbro getting involved in the downloadable content for Pro Evo – when we spoke to the developers of FIFA 11 back in August they explained that it’s the brands who make the decision of whether to update the game with their new football boots, not just the developers.

adidas whipped up some great digital football boots for the FIFA World Cup game back in the summer, pledging their alliance to the FIFA brand, so we’re happy to see that Nike have followed suit and are providing PES with up-to-date boots!

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  1. says: MisterBroom12

    FIFA11 started with these boots to showcase but they could still take a page out of PES’s book because when spring rolls around and new colorways come to the pitch, PES will still have the option to download that new content while FIFA11 players will be stuck looking at the same boots until FIFA12 comes out.

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