Prior 2 Lever Football Boots – The Interview Part III

The Final Part of the Footy Boots Interview with Prior 2 Lever Creative Director Greg Lever

Footy Boots today brings you the concluding part of our interview with Greg Lever, the Creative Director behind the world’s first fully customised football boot, the Assassin. If you missed the earlier articles, Read Part I and Part II. In the final instalment we try to find out which professional players wear the Assassin and what players get for their money.

FB: What is the price range for P2L products?
GL: £2500.00 up to the limits that the athlete sets.

FB: What do you get for the money?
GL: You would hope a lot for that price, and you do. A complete boot built around your needs and wants.

FB: How do you justify the high cost of the shoes as opposed to an off-the-shelf pair?
GL: A pro player may earn in excess of £20,000.00 per week (as an example) If that player loses just one week due to a problem caused by the boot, bad fitting or a combination of boot and other parameters, then the club loses, the fans lose and the manager loses. These losses are not only financial but can mean cups, points and even relegation. At elite level I see this service as critical. Pro players are wearing boots utilising comparable technology to you and I that have been designed to fit the feet of the nation.

Prior 2 Level Football Boots Close Up 2 Boots

FB: Is the Assassin boot only targeted to professional players?
GL: Yes, but if a non professional wanted our service we would not treat them any differently.

FB: Do you have any high profile individual soccer players sporting the Assassin?
GL: Yes but I can not say who due to confidentiality

FB: How do P2L go about getting professionals to wear their football boots?
GL: We do not sponsor, so it is up to the player to be proactive in coming to us. Valuing their career and appreciating the boot is the key tool of their trade is the starting point.

FB: Where can we see your boots?
GL: My website is coming online very, very soon so please check back regularly. (

FB: Have you considered producing a high street version of your boot or even a trainer?
GL: Yes, and we may do. Firstly we want to ensure that we can address the fundamental points of why we incepted with elite products and bring this to the masses.

FB: Any special offerings coming up from P2L this year?
GL: There is something brewing which I won’t mention yet but promise to give Footy Boots the heads up first!

FB: What football team do you support?
GL: Don’t hate me, Chelsea. My first game as a kid was when Dave Beasant had that shocker and let three goals in the last few minutes. I stood in the shed with my Dad and could hardly see!

FB: Do you play football?
GL: Not as much now, sometimes the odd Sunday game for the mighty Lama’s. I want to start a P2L team but it is all business at the moment.

FB: In Assassins?!
GL: I do!

Prior 2 Level Football Boots Close Up

Footy Boots would like to thank Greg Lever for his time, his responses and his willingness to answer any question which we threw at him. We look forward to seeing new developments and products from the pioneering Prior 2 Lever team, whose Assassin football boots look set to break the mould on the football field as well as in the field of innovative design and cutting edge technology. Visit the Prior 2 Lever website at

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