It’s never easy asking people to predict how new products will perform in the future but that didn’t stop nearly 2000 of you registering a vote in the latest Footy Boots debate.

Asked which of the latest football boots from adidas, Nike and PUMA would have the biggest impact, both immediately and in the long term, the result was incredibly close with the adidas Predator_X just edging out the Nike CTR360.

adidas predator x footy boots debate

In the end, the Predator_X received 48% of the vote, the CTR 45% with the v1.10 from PUMA coming in with 7%.

Short term, it could be argued that in fact, the CTR360 has made the biggest impact what with goals and assists from the likes of Fabregas and Aguero but it should also be remembered that it was released a month before the new adidas model.

ctr360 footy boots debate

Against that, there are still a number of players yet to debut the Predator_X such as Steven Gerrard and possibly a few more who may make the switch from their current boots.

The name most closely linked to such a move is Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema who is rumoured to be swapping over to the latest adidas boot from his trusty adiPure II’s.

Similarly, to be absolutely fair to the v1.10, it is by design a speed boot and therefore will appeal to a niche market, hence it’s lower rating.

puma v1.10 footy boots debate

In any event, having tested all 3 new boots (Predator_X, CTR360 and v1.10) Footy Boots can report that they all perform in their own unique way and it’s unlikely that anyone will disappointed after purchasing them. As for performance on professional pitches across the world, it could be argued that the jury is still out.

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  1. says: Jack

    Of course the preds would win, nike have just made a better logo, and colours and suddenly the’ve taken off. Adidas ones are better by far (pumas are pretty good, better then nike)

  2. says: Eric

    The question was “which of the following will have the biggest impact, both immediate and long term?” well i don’t know about immediately, but the preds would have to win long term. i mean the CTR360s have just come out and puma is not yet able to compete with the big powers on Nike and Adidas. plus, the predator line has been around for such a long time. it will take a lot for this line to go down.

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