It’s been fascinating to read the comments which have come in since we revealed the first official images of the adidas Predator_X football boot.

It seems they fall in to two categories – there’s the “Oh my God, what have they done to a once great looking boot” contingent and then there are the “hats off to adidas, a brilliant job” supporters.

adidas predator x football boots test

Of course, most are having to go on looks alone. Even with possession of all the technical data, there’s no substitute for getting a pair of boots on your feet and trying them out for yourself.'  That’s exactly what we’ve been doing at Footy Boots for the past couple of weeks – putting the Predator X through its paces.

So, have adidas come up with a winner or have they created the DeLorean of the football boot world? In my view, there’s no doubt – the Predator X is a belter.

Comfort / Fit

Some things just feel right from day one and the Predator X is very much part of that category. I was trying a pair in size 8.5 and whilst the boots were ‘off the shelf’ they felt like they had been made bespoke.

The Predator X is one of the most comfortable boots I’ve tried on in many a long year. To simulate the feeling, imagine your Grandad pulling on his faithful old slippers that he bought for 10 shillings and a coupon out of the Daily Mail circa 1970! I first wore these for practice on a pretty hard surface but encountered no blistering what so ever. That’s still true 3 games in.

From the first time you lace the Predator X up, the innersole moulds itself to the foot which, when aligned with the Thermoform technology, produced an incredibly comfortable fit.

Some Predator purists will doubtless bemoan the lack of a fold over tongue but personally, with the asymmetrical lacing / wrap around collar, I felt the fit was snugger than ever.

football boots test predator x


For the Predator_X, adidas have come up with Taurus calf leather which is super soft but also boasts impressive water proof and anti-abrasive qualities. Indeed, it’s so soft that it’s possible that protection levels maybe a little lower than in previous models. Though, having not been stamped on yet I couldn’t say for certain.

As with almost all adidas boots, they are well ‘put together’ and while only time will tell, I’m not expecting them to start falling apart any time soon.

football boots test adidas predator x


With the Predator X, adidas were keen to try and get the players foot as close to the ball as possible.

New Opitfit technology achieves that by bringing the upper materials in all areas as close as possible to the top of the foot. It seems to work too. OK, we’re not talking barefoot, beach soccer here but if you feel the need to run at pace with the ball under close control, the Predator X will give you the confidence to do so. Equally, if you’d rather knock the ball off to a team mate, you’ll get a great touch when doing so.

The new kicking zone of the football boot, which is a rugged but lightweight mix of rubber and silicon, is interesting. It looks and feels pretty similar to the material on pimpled table tennis bats and when you strike the ball cleanly on this zone you certainly feel like you’re getting a bit of grip on the ball.

The grip clearly will help enable spin and swerve and, as adidas claims, it does seem to be pretty effective when wet as well as dry. The downside for me is the positioning of the Predator element. If I am striking the ball with my body over the ball, like in a deadball situation, I regularly strike on the zone. However most of the time during open play I’m not making contact with the Predator element, so it gets minimal usage.

Swerve Lab Test

The new PowerSpine is also a welcome addition for me offering an extra level of rigidity.'  And, for what it’s worth, I’m not overly sorry to see the back of the PowerPulse element. All that talk of ‘moving Tungsten powder’ brought back too many painful memories of 3rd year chemistry, which I wasn’t that good at (O level, Grade C in case you were wondering).PowerSpine Lab Test

What I felt when running and striking in the Predator X was the support the PowerSpine provides. Whilst not being restrictive, it was helping to keep my foot straighter when knocking the ball about and while the increase in power wasn’t overly noticeable, I was pleasantly aware of the extra reinforcement.

predator x football boots test 1


I can understand some people’s initial concern with the aesthetics of the Predator X. It does have the look of a football boot which draws its inspiration from previous versions rather than standing out as a brand new model. But the more I look at it, the more it grows on me and any concerns you may have will vanish when you get the boots on your feet.

They are supremely comfortable and seem to be true to size. The new technology has purpose and succeeds where it needs to. The mantra of the Predator – power, swerve and control – has been adhered to and you certainly can’t accuse the boots of being gimmicky.

I suppose it could be argued that they could be a touch lighter and at £135 they are not cheap. But then, quality rarely is. And these boots are quality.

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  1. says: Adam Tosic

    1. I like how they fit like a sock with your foot so close to the ball.

    But – predator concept is the “curve” you can put on the ball with this element so high up how are you meant to do this?? like said.. I was also so dissapointed to see the boot so old looking.. Yet at a price increase im sorry but Im dissapointed and have loved the last 3 versions of this boot..

    Miss for me :((((((

  2. says: Kuuku

    I might be among a small contingent but I beleive the look of the boot doesn’t matter one bit. We are going to be playing with them, not modeling. All that is important is what features the boot has, how comfortable it is and how durable it is. Once a boot delivers in these three categories it is a good boot and I think the predator X delivers.

    I would get these but they are out of my price range. The CTR 360 is more affordable but I might consider the entry level trustrike if it has good features. I’m looking forward to seeing the proffesionals use this boot in the coming months. Nice colourways will be coming out and I have no doubt my favourite players will perform well in this boot because it hasn’t skimped on features.

    1. says: fifinho

      I agree with you almost completely Kuuku. At first I thought these were ugly but they are starting to grow on me and they certainly look much better in action than they do when they’re not.

      I’m not at all looking forward to the Adipure III’s though because they don’t look so good and I feel that they will ruin the range. However when they come out it means I’ll be able to buy a fresh pair of Adipure II’s on the cheap… 😉 haha

  3. says: Meji

    Like I said in the release post…I want them but I have 2 pairs of boots I cant afford to splurge 200 dollars on these.

    I love the powerspine not so much for the power but for the added stability.

  4. says: Hugh

    Unfortunately, I think that adidas have made a mistake with these boots. They have almost become predapures (adipures + predators) and if you look at what the adipure 3 is going to be you will see what I mean. Both the predator X and the adipure 3 look very old fashioned. I have adioure 2’s now and my next pair of boots are unlikely to be adidas unfortunately as for the past few seasons I have had adidas boots. It is a shame but I do take the aesthetics of a boot into account because over £100 of my own pocket money is a lot to spend on a boot that doesnt look great in my opinion. If my parents decide to buy me a pair of football boots then I may decide to go for these but at the moment it looks like puma will get my cash as I really like the look of the V1.10s or Nike as I like the Maestris. Sorry adidas but this just doesnt cut it for me.

  5. says: Jaspi

    I have to totally agree with Hugh (except about the v.1.10s, they’re horrible), the upcoming Adipure and especially this new Predator boot really do look like they were designed in the times of Miami Vice, there’s definitely a strong 1980’s look. Altough I have to admit that these Predators look better in these pictures where they are in action than what they did in the promo pics.

  6. says: rob dp

    id be more towards puma as the pred x looks a bit too much form over function. the boots i have are the puma v1 06 fg k leather which have been great tho i rarely have time to play football as its more roadie cycling i do.
    in my opinion the best boots i have ever seen and i wish i had bought them was the Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini boots. tho probably some will find the pred x suits them.

  7. says: Usama

    I think that adidas tried to make the Predator_x into a slick and futuristic boot. It looks very simple, like an adiPure with Predator colours. The Swerve zone looks like rubbery carbon fibre .Even though i will never get to try it out, i think that this is a good predator. Designed to be slick and bold. I love the fact that there is none of that power ellement which just looked to be extra weight on your foot and there to make you slow.

  8. says: greg

    do they remind any one else of the under-armour dominate???

    i have always been a bigger fan of T90s to be honest.
    but i like the look of these new preds. might have to give them a shot!

  9. says: Snolly

    i’ve been won over by adidas since i bought my powerswerves on sale a few months ago. but since i just got those boots, i don’t think i’ll be buying these any time soon.

    curious about the spine. i’m thinking it’s a gimmick. the youtube clip showing how the spine works shows how a bare foot flexes on contact with the ball. so, duh, a spine increases rigidity vs. bare feet… but what about vs. other boots?

    i don’t mind the aesthetics. they don’t look terrible, but i’m not too excited about either of the color schemes for the initial release.

  10. says: Maxi10

    I must just make a habit of commenting on this site:

    As always, these articles/boot tests are the most brilliant part of this blog. I love them (I think we ALL do). You could not be more right. If you were to blindfold me and have me slip on a pair of these, I’d like them so much that I’d shower in them. They are THAT comfortable. I bought them yesterday at my local store. These boots are the greatest feeling and fitting boots ever created.
    Having said that – boy are they hideous. Look, I see the whole “they were trying to draw inspiration from previous Predator generations. They were trying something new…” Well, to those purists I say, “try again.” These shoes look (again, purely from an aesthetic perspective) like someone glued together old parts of rubber and leather. To be sincere, since the release of the Predator Mania (greatest looking boots ever – no f’n question about it) and the Predator Pulse, adidas have gradually lost touch with the simple cuts, outlines and angles of those designs that were loved by so many.
    Great article. I wish the boots were better looking, that’s all.

  11. says: Maxi10

    P.S: The predators used in the “Powerspine” test video are ridiculously hot! If Adidas were to release these boots in an all-black version, my god… hold on to your hats, people.

  12. says: Rhyno

    I also hated the look of this boot when it first came out, but got to admit the inside look of the boot looks quite nice actually. Still not to keen on the outside.
    As for comfort if this boots is as comfy as the powerswerves then I will probs get a pair

  13. says: zizou wannabe

    The description makes me think of CTR360, anyone care to share whether this is valid or not? And looks aside, which one performs better?

    Honestly, I didnt like the 360 when i saw the photos but the more i look at them, touch them and feel them, the more tempted I am to try them… ie buy!

    So wondering if its the same with the new preds…

    and can I say… dont the CTR360 and PredX colourways look similar???? WASSUP???

  14. says: Tony V

    As far as power boots are concerned, I don’t think Adidas is going to be able to keep up with the Laser III from Nike. Sure you will have your hardcore pred wearers who wouldn’t wear anything else, which is understandable. However when looking at players who want a good power boot (pred vs. laser), I think many will choose the laser. Nike has far better colorways, and the technology is quite similar. I’m not saying that the pred X is a bad boot (haven’t tried it), but I think they are gonna be in tough with the release of the Laser III and the Maestri. I think Nike is gonna take over. Only time will tell.

    1. says: Daniel

      Tony V, the Laser III isn’t even out yet, and I’m assuming only a small number of folks (besides players) have even tested them. So I think it’s unfair to predict how the Predator X will do against the Laser III and to say that most players will choose Nike’s power boot.

      As far as colorways are concerned, let’s wait until Adidas releases more colorways of the Predator X too. Think how many colorways and versions of the PowerSwerves were available. I’m sure we’ll see the same thing with these.

  15. says: LASER

    People who look at the colour and design of the boots are pussies. They are interested in looking nice not playing football. That’s why preds are nice football boots and lasers a good looking piece of you know what.

  16. says: Derek

    They actually remind me a LOT of the Reebok Valde. Power spine vs Power Unit. The same rubber/latex on the instep. Just different colours, design and studs.

    It’s a very comfortable boot. I do very much like them I just now wonder what the difference between the Predator X and the new Absolion is. They are also Taurus Full grain calf leather, and have the rubber/latex. I just don’t see the power spine.

    I just don’t see what the C$100 (£50) difference is.

    Would you happen to know?

    1. says: bo

      Beside the spine that you’ve noticed, Absolion won’t be using Taurus Leather & there will be no silicon in their rubber – so perhaps different feeling in the element.

  17. says: AJ

    at the end of the day unless you are wearing clogs or something the boots wont make that much difference when it comes to curling or power, there is no substitute for skill so clearly aesthetics do matter because other than comfort the boot wont make that big a difference on skill level so looks cant be ignored and these boots look horrible they look more like f50s to me majorly lacking the iconic tongue which is the sole reason a lot of people i know get these boots, it is clear adidas have gone for an old school look and have failed i just cant get past how ugly this latest version is disappointment.

  18. says: Mati

    i take my comment back on the ugliness of the boot. looking good is a psychological issue. but when these boots come in a whiter edition, i’d consider buying them when my second adipure 2’s are done with…well done adidas, u continue to push nike off the shelf 😛

  19. says: dood

    i think the boots look awesome, but i think it would be better if the stripes ran all the way under and around the boot rather than just on the outside and the inside.

  20. says: Jay FC

    I have no idea what you guys are talking (complaining) about, I think they look great. I must say I have to agree with Laser that a football boot should be all about functionality, however if you wanna look at it from a fashion point of view, 80’s inspired Designs are IN.
    With that said, I’m pretty sure this is my next boot, loved the Preds 2 generations back, and hated the last one, but if these are as comfortable as ppl say, I can’t wait. so, yeah, HA!

  21. says: martincillo

    wow, so many info about this predattore, and im gettin used to this boot hahahaa, publicity

    well, ths is the same than the ctr360 and the nike boot is cheaper

  22. says: Aussie Lad

    These boots just appeal to everything I look for in a boot. They are talked of as insanely comfortable, I absolutely dig the wrap around tongue rather than the fold over and the impact area just looks brilliant. I cannot see anything wrong with these boots apart from the colours I guess. I’m a zippy player and I would have liked these boots to be a bit lighter, but they appeal to me on so many other levels that I have to get them. The aesthetics definitely don’t bother me, and from prior experience, I know the footy boots crowd can be quite a harsh judge (remember the very popular Vapor lll cactus colourway that got lambasted on here and turned out to be a favourite?). A nice colour and I’m set.

  23. says: MercurialHazz

    these boots look terrible by themselves , but they look actually quite nice on foot and sorta like absolutes , but they also look very durable and comfy , and for all you haters out their , these are better than most boots , not to gimmicky but quite simple yet powerful , i think adidas got the right vision for it , i think the only think lacking is the outside of the boot , it looks like a strange fabric , they should have put the stripes in
    red and the background of the stripes in black , that would have made this boot much more attractive , either that or a black/gold colourway like the adipure 2

  24. says: chris McGachy

    WHAT HAVE ADIDAS DONE!!! this is the worst decision since they changed the original f50 to the f50 tunits with the see through back. theyve just ruined the classic predator to some ugly contraption. i think ill stick to the nike tiempos this year after looking forward to the new preds this is a shocker adidas!!!!!

  25. says: curious

    does anyone find that wearing predators actually makes any difference? does it really help swerve the ball?

    the powerspine looks quite silly. sure a bare foot flexes a lot, but the sole on a vapor for example is really hard, so that probably doesnt flex much at all.

    i’m a nike wearer but am considering the switch to adidas. but i struggle to find any real technology which convinces me adidas are making a serious attempt to improve my game.

    at least with nike, they have real scientific theories behind their gimmicks so it sounds like it might actually work.

  26. says: Jordan

    How would you say the Leather on these boots compares to the adiPure’s or the Predator Powerswerves?

    I noticed it said “super soft” and i would just like a comparison.

  27. says: LASER

    “at least with nike, they have real scientific theories behind their gimmicks so it sounds like it might actually work.”
    Nike are not scientists, they are inventors. They can claim what they want and you will believe it. Science is what you can read in scientific books or special journals . To understand science you have to go to school and university not buy nike shoes.

  28. says: Matt

    Lets go back and look at all the other new boots that were released before and how many people said they hated them and they looked terrible then once they bought them oh how everyone loved them. Same with these and what counts the most is from this review how well they perform and how comfortable they are which is the ONLY thing that should matter when you play

  29. says: Matt

    How’s the fit with these? Cause it seems with the powerswerves they made the k leather pairs a half size smaller to allow for the stretching. Do these fit in that similar style or do you have to order down a half size and do they even stretch as much as k leather?

  30. says: Jo

    I am thinking of buying a pair of Predators. I need something to give me more power (really, or subconciously!) Should I go for these or did the tungsten powder in the last lot actually give more power? Also, can anyone advise if any of the predators have studs/blades you can change with the type of ground. I notice a lot say either FG or SG – are you able to buy alternative blades/studs for one of these, or would you need to buy a pair of each type of boot? If that is the case I might as well buy the F50i tunits – not sure if they help with power though- :-$ Can anyone help?

  31. says: Stevie midd ncle

    Really didnt lyk them at first glance bt wen u luk again n again n read reviews they are a must have love them now . There great and thank god no sily tongue which made ur boot wide open in rain n mud . Praise for adidas pred x getin them on the 14th nov.

  32. says: brett widdowson

    i hate the new predators
    i have tried them on and they are not comfortable
    they dont look like predators they need the tongue
    i think they look cheap and they are far from cheap

  33. says: Bergman

    Did adidas just copy the powerunit of the valde pro with the “powerspine” of the predator X? Im not going to spend $220 for these when i can get the vlalde pros for $100.
    Sorry Adidas but you’re not gonna get my money for copying someone elsese design/technology.

  34. says: johnny

    Does anybody know if the strike area that is covered with the ridges of bubbled silicon tears easily? i found a youtube video but would like more info.

  35. says: name undecided

    does the powerspine actually give you an advantage over other players, or is it just a lab test like the previous technology that was kicked out?

  36. says: Julian

    I have gotten the Adidas Predators every generation for all 10 years, at first i could not see much of an improvement in my game, but after new technologies came out i could instantly notice a difference. For example, when i switched from one without tungsten to with, i did notice a power difference, but it was the opposite as expected, it more made me follow through and curve the ball rather than pure power. Perfect example of whether it helps curve: in indoor i wear Adidas Sambas. I can curve it but not to the same extent as outdoors with my Predator X. They are phenominal boots, and in addition to their tangible qualities, i love their looks. I wear white socks and i tape up with yellow tape so the white/yellow colorscheme is amazing. if you are looking to get noticed on the field like i am by collage scouts, etc, these are great. Nothing catches my eye on the field more than a beautiful stepover in beautiful shoes. All of this aside, i have not had this problem, but i have seen a review on youtube showing the strike zone rubber peeling off after just a few weeks. I would like others imput.

  37. says: Midddy

    The Laser has better color? Bright Green? Come on! Besides, the Nike Laser is made out of synth (bad touch and blisters)and is made MORE for power than for touch/spin/power like the X. 360’s are nice for touch and feel, but not as good for striking or spin. X is a COMPLETE BOOT. I think it is way better looking than the PowerSwerve and is nice and clean. One doesn’t need to have the shoes be the show. Keep it simple, not flashy. Let the FUNCTION of the boot be the biggest reason you buy it. THESE KICK NIKE’s Vapor’s and Puma’s butt with quality and functionality. I’ve used them all.

  38. says: Matteo

    Adidas Predator X are GREAT i just got them form my dad as he came back from italy and got me them. As well as their good looks these boots are light and they give u swerve dip and power but i think this price is too much because my dad got them for like 50.. i like them , thats just my opinion

  39. says: robertdayinho

    fits like a glove strikes like mike tyson looks like nikolai valuev ADIDAS HAVE REALLY WON ME OVER FROM NIKE AND IT SEEMS I’M NOT ALONE

  40. says: Alan

    Hi guys, i have just bought a pair of predator x boots off ebay which were barely worn. Worn them for the first time over the weekend and really liked them, just been to clean them and took the insoles out and have found 2 insoles – 1 the usual predator insole and underneath an adipure comfort insole.

    I’m guessing this is not the norm and just the preference from the person i bought them off, i would prefer not to have them in but dont want to play next week without them and have comfort issues, if anyone can let me know i would be most grateful. Cheers

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