Predator Vs F50

Adidas Predator V Adidas F50

Predator Vs F50‘Predator versus F50’ is a new Adidas campaign. It tells the story of two football clubs based on two Adidas football boots – Predator F.C. and F50 Club de F útbol.

The Predator Football Club features David Beckham, Michael Ballack, Kaká and Juan Román Riquelme among others (All Adidas Predator wearers), while the F50 Club de F útbol has stars such as Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben, Lukas Podolski and Fred in its side (All Adidas F50 wearers).

The campaign uses the two different football boots, Predator and +F50 TUNIT, signifying two unique styles of football.

Adidas PredatorThe Adidas Predator stands for teamwork, determination and precision, whereas the F50 team embodies flair, flamboyance and speed. They both carry their own mottos.
Predator: ‘Every team needs a hero’

F50: ‘Every hero needs a team’.

Adidas F50 TUNiTWhilst this is quite clearly a marketing campaign for Adidas, which we are all likely to see as it is rolled out over the next few weeks, it does beg the question which is the better football boot?

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  1. My vote goes to the Predator. I find it more comfortable than the F50 and if I want to wear a football boot to match the conditions, I’ll use another boot instead of adjusting the football boot.

    The Predator leather is fantastic and in my opinion lasts much better than the F50.

    Do you agree?

  2. says: Jay C

    The red Predators look nice, shame they’re bobbins. As for f50’s the closest i’ll get to them is probably ebay. Ronaldinho 10r’s, smashing.

  3. says: Jeison Iyasu

    I agree. I personally would pick the +Predator Absolute Power. Look on the business perspective, another idea for Adidas to make money out of us right?

    Why did I pick the +Predator Absolute Power?

    1. Last longer

    2. No need to worry that the outsole and the studs falling out (unlike the +F50 series).

    3. I owned the previous +F50, not impressed.

    4. I currently have Diadora Maximus RTX 14, Adidas +Predator Asolute Lions and Umbro Revolution X KTK FG, no complaints.

  4. says: bruce

    Saw Pennant with the new red Predators during the game against PSV. Is he sponsored? I keep seeing him in Predators or Mercurials.

  5. says: Ballyall

    Personally, i think tunits are great because they show style, class and that whoever wears them is mint at football because of the precision making of them.

    1. says: Simon

      ahaha! that’s funny. Just beacuse somebody wears a certain type of boot doesn’t mean they magically become good. If i put a pair of Tunits on by no means will I be as good as Messi…
      Sure, they look the best, but who cares on looks?
      Personally, I prefer the Predators, just gives me so much more confidence to tackle hard…

  6. says: lynchy

    I think that the Tunits look the better football boot, but as we all know they tend to lose studs and sometimes split on hard impacts. Even though they look better I would have to go for the Predators as they have greater technology than the last ones, where as the Tunits are just merely the same. But still team F50 rules. And finally the Ronaldinho 10r look beasty.

    1. says: haig hengen

      I haven’t really tried the tunits but i bought the most exspensive predators and one drive of the ball and they wripped the side and the power pulse broke in half

  7. says: josh

    I would go for the F50 tunit because the fit moulds around your foot and all the system of personalising your football boot. Also, the hidden laces gives a much cleaner strike, however the Predator is still comfy but doesnt mould around your foot the idea of them is not to get a clean strike but to curl or swerve when shooting

  8. says: kris clark

    I wear both football boots, both are amazing, I prefer the lightness of the f50‘s for wet sticky days when they help with running, and I also feel the Predators help with long passing and set pieces. So far this season i’m scoring wearing both, long may it continue!!!

  9. says: Chazz

    ive got a pair of the orange dutch f50’s.there great! It feels like i’m running in socks as they fit my feet like a glove wich makes my first touch on the ball a hell of a lot better. Also I feel that I am physically quicker just wearing them… I think that I probably do run faster with them as well. The predators 4 lines at the toe of the boot seem to curl and overlap each other making shots not so great and also the leather at the toe seems to chip away.

  10. says: David

    I think you people , with the greatest of respect , should try to get out a little more.You are currently making train spotters sound exciting.Get a life chaps, its a shoe for playing football in.It won’t make you any better .Do you really think the 66 squad would do anything other than laugh at you ? Perhaps that’s why we have never won anything since then.

  11. says: tom

    i think it depends on what sort of player you are. if you run with the ball past players using trickery then F50. But if you power through then predators are for you.

  12. says: o

    They both look like great shoes but im not sure wat i want to buy. im a kinda of kid who likes to run the ball but kick is kinda weak. which is BETTER

  13. says: bob999

    well personally i prefer the f50’s and strangely feel i can kick the ball better in them. predators are good but i fink tht the f50s are betta. you dnt lse studs if u tighten them up very tight ive never lost any studs and i tackle really hard and do evryfing the preds r spost to do and i do evrfing th f50s do so f50s all the way

  14. says: Jay Tavo

    I have both the f50s and the predators and I think the f50s are an overall better shoe. The touch and shot is better on them. however, on corner kicks i find i cannot bend the ball in as easily as i could with the preadtors. the f50s also allow me to tackle harder, i found with the soft leather of the preadators it hurt (alot) when you get cleated. Dont get me wrong though, the preadtors are a great shoe and very comfortable. Also, i like the fact that the f50s are much lighter. Although I think the f50s are great though, in only my first week of using them ive lost 2 cleats… addidas is sednign me some new ones free of charge on the up side but the tightning and changing gets annoying.

  15. says: justin bozeman

    f50s look so much better on fit to your foot a lot better to. if you just remember to tighten your studs they wont fall out i have sg predators and the leather f50s and the only hassle for the f50s is putting them together…but as we all know vapor 3s are the absolute best cleats out..boze (new york west)

  16. says: Carlos

    I have the red f50.8 and they are awesome! and when they don’t fit you you could just keep the studs and replace theupper part or you could buy three pairs of upper parts and have three different pairs for different conditions. I bought three because I learned that if you keep changing them they will get all wasted.

  17. says: Dean

    Um…. //ell no1. I have f50 and Predators.. Their both adidas just different makes. I like predators and f50 tbh. Ive had my predators for about 4 yrs and their breaking a bit.. Ive had my f50s for about the same time as my predators and there still in the days. 
    If you’re the person who stays with a boot for a couple of years until it breaks then i’d recommend Predators. 

    But if you’re the person who likes big shiny boots and changes them every few months because they want another colour and would risk changing the studs and tightening them, then i’d recommend f50.

    P.s I like both of the boots.

  18. says: Johnyhalfman

    Predator: shooting(accuracy )
    F50: running

    If your striker go with F50s
    If your defence or mid go with Pred’s

  19. says: abdulla

    predator is the best shoes because I had a blue f50 I played two times in it then it was torn from the back but I bought a wite and blue predator it stays three years and half and till now it was not torn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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