Predator PowerSwerve

Predator PowerSwerve, developed in association with Zinedine Zidane

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The Adidas Predator PowerSwerve is the latest model football boot in the Adidas Predator range.

New Predator PowerSwerve Launch
The official launch witnessed Steven Gerrard and other pro footballers open an 11 metre high football boot box, and present a giant Predator PowerSwerve football boot to the public.

predator powerswerve

The players then wrote personal advice notes on the open shoe box, their notes will be featured on the Predator football boot boxes around the world and featured in the Predator PowerSwerve marketing campaigns.

Predator PowerSwerve Developed with Zidane

Zin'©dine Zidane helped to develop the new Predator PowerSwerve football boot. After ending his career in the 2006 World Cup final, he worked with the Adidas innovation team in creating the new football boot.

Predator PowerSwerve

Zin'©dine Zidane tested the Predator PowerSwerve using his knowledge and experience to improve the quality and fit of this football boot.

This ninth generation Predator is a further improved football boot, paying particular attention to power, swerve and control. Scientific tests have shown that, in comparison to its predecessor, the Predator PowerSwerve can achieve up to 8% more swerve and increase the power behind every shot by around 3%. That may not sound much, but it could give that edge to a player on the pitch.

The new Predator PowerSwerve will be available in the shops in black/white and white/black from December 2007. With further models due in 2008, the year of the European Championships.

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  1. says: Stocky

    I have a dilemma which i would really appreciate some sound advice to aid in my decision. Now that the new Predator Power Swerve is out i am very eager to buy it however with it pricing in at £130 i can only afford 1 pair and as the studs are not changeable i must either purchase the Soft Firm or Hard ground pair of boots. The HG i feel could be a good purchase because they are not likely to get damaged playing on softer ground but the question is how effective would they be on soft/firm ground? The FG seem like a good choice as they are the boot in between but again how well would they perform on soft ground and could they be worn on hard ground? The SG i have been told are the most technologically advanced but could they be worn on Firm ground? If so i could buy a pair of good astro boots at around £40 to wear on hard ground as the soft ground boots could definitely not be worn on HG. The latter of these is my most preferred option but the question that bugs me is would it ruin the SG on firm or icy ground? I would really appreciate it if someone could please help me with this problem as i am sure people all round the world are having to deal with it as well. Thanks very much for your time.

  2. says: admin

    If you follow the following rule of thumb you wont go far wrong. Studs for soft wet ground. Blades for firm ground and mouldies for hard ground. Mouldies (HG) can potentially however be used on soft ground. An increasing number of pro footballers wear mouldies all year round in all conditions as they find it improves their control. Blades shouldn’t really be worn on soft ground – worse case scenario is that you plant your foot in the mud with your blades and it gets stuck – you twist your knee potentially causing ligament damage. Screw in studs (SG) are designed to dig into the pitch surface and obviously if you’re wearing them on rock hard surfaces the pitch will be too hard for them to do this – potential twisted ankle? If budget is a problem and you do play regularly you may want to look at investing in less pricey boots. Boots are classified SG FG and HG for a reason wearing boots meant for SG on HG and vice versa could potentially cause injuries so maybe it’s not worth the risk.

  3. says: Stocky

    Ok thanks a lot for your help mate. I think im going to get the SG for christmas as it is the wet season now and buy a pair of new astros in case the ground gets hard and icy. And then when ive got a bit more cash and the price is reduced in January i will buy the HG as i can wear them on both hard and firm. However you did mention that an increasing number of pro footballers are wearing mouldies all year round i was wondering if it would be better 2 buy the FG now and then the HG later and use the FG for SG as well. But just one thing i could think of is that pro footballers are playing on much better pitch conditions than me and may not neccessarily need blades. What do you reckon?

  4. says: franco

    could someone give us a bit of advice, can only get one pair of boots and ive decided on the preds, whats better for all year round, HG or SG, since theyre the only ones availabe?

  5. says: Alex

    does anyone have advice on the best boots for foot support? I’ve broken my 5th metatarsal in both feet from football, wearing moulded predators 1st time and copa mundial’s 2nd time. My bones weren’t said to be particularly weak, so are there any other reasons? any boots to help prevent this common injury?

  6. says: rangdol

    I love the prds but I really love to run with the ball and try to beat with speed. Hence the Nike mercurial is perfect.

  7. says: Michael

    the swerves are truely the sickest cleats i’ve yet to wear.. i also own a pair of F50.7s and they are not nearly at the level of comfort that the swerves are. i recommend those highly

  8. says: Nick

    Are the going to bring out indoor and/or astro versions of the new Powerserve?

    There’s a picture on the official adidas website of an indoor trainer called Predator Absolion but I can’t find any more out about it.

    I’ve got an old pair of Adidas predator trainers that are falling apart and I really want a new pair.

  9. says: Andrew

    130 POUNDS???? for 3% increase.. that MAY help…..

    get a pair of 2-3 yo shoes – and put 130 to your education – that would make _you_ more than just a guy with fancy shoes.

  10. says: Calvin

    i was thinking to get a predator,maybe for indoors?but i’m curious is indoor predator and outdoor predator diff ? coz one have studs while the other doesn’t.can someone help me with this thx!

  11. says: Lego

    I would recomment predator for strikers mostly, if you playing midfield I WOULD SAY NIKE CTR 360… its by far the best show i have ever worn, light and comfy… great touch and ball control. The predator swerve is great for Power kikers who their game relies on Power and Long range.. Other wise go the F50 tunit.

  12. says: cy

    i have a problem, i saw some really nice boots in an adidas store they were the predator x ones but they are green and i can’t find them on the web! olease help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. says: Naumi

    i have bought a pair of adidas powerswerve… I did like to know how to know thats its studs r made for soft ground or hard ground?

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