RomePreOrderThe football boot market has been dominated of late by Nike following the release of the Mercurial Vapor V and Mercurial Vapor Superfly.

Faced with such a blizzard of Nike publicity, Adidas are hoping to redress the balance with the release of 3 new colourways for 3 of their most iconic football boots.

Adidas Predator PowerSwerve Rome


As with all Adidas Predator football boots, these come with a high quality k-leather upper on the forefoot, and feature an outer heel counter to protect and offer stability on the rear.

The Adidas Predator PowerSwerve technology is advanced by rebound materials in the upper to create more power and swerve than previous models.

These Adidas Predator PowerSwerve feature a fixed stud sole unit which is split to offer flexibility and maintain a lightweight feel, whilst maintaining comfort on all firm natural surfaces.


This Champions League special Adidas Predator PowerSwerve celebrates the 2009 Final to be held in Rome. The boots are black in colour, with gold and cardinal red detailing which gives an expensive finish to a classic football boot.

As a finishing touch, the Adidas Predator PowerSwerve Rome include a Colosseum inspired design in gold on the insole, and red on the outer of the boot.

Check out the other new Adidas colourways for the adiPure II and F50.9 TUNiT

Adidas Predator PowerSwerve Rome


Price: £130.00

Colourway: Black / Pred. Gold Metallic /Cardinal

Pre Order: Now – Here

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  1. says: Omar Saleem

    I must say I’m not impressed by these. They look boring! When you think the Nike boots in recent weeks have been pretty pleasing on the eye, this just doesn’t cut it! Come on Adidas, pull your finger out!

  2. says: sam

    I think they look great boot. the power have been immense for me so far. However i would like to see the new predator that will be released in two months before i buy. i havent seen any pictures yet.

  3. says: ill-d

    oh man the new preds “trustrikes” are ugly as sin. ive seen them here:

    luckily, the new f50s coming out in may are the exact opposite, and in my opinion, the nicest, classiest, and well designed adidas boots ive seen in a while. they look a bit like they fused the last f50 with a copa mundial and a splash of mercurial. they come in black k leather with a touch of electric blue, electric blue and black, and white.

    PS where are my lime green and “berry” preds? (just kidding!!!)

  4. says: Jonty Roads

    Yes, save your money, if you like adidas predator wait for the new ones. Pictures not available though until after the Champions League Final.

  5. says: Blaine

    These definitly aint bad but there r better preds out already adidas probobly won’t sell many of these with new preds comin out in a few months

  6. says: martinçao

    i agree with omar, is the same adipure, predator and f50, just new colors, bad for adidas, and excellent for nike.

  7. says: Kyle

    I suppose it’s pretty tough for Adidas, all players who wear Adidas will have to wear them in the CL final, but they don’t know which clubs it will be!

    So they’ve got to make a fairly neutral colourway.

    I’d just debut the newest models at the final instead. Much better for publicity in my opinion!

  8. says: Jamie Thomo

    Faced with such a blizzard of Nike publicity, Adidas are hoping to redress the balance with the release of 3 new colourways for 3 of their most iconic football boots.

    That what it says in the title, wheres the other 2 then?

  9. says: Zizou wannabe

    The detailing is quite interesting though I got a new adiPure II already so… probably wait for the new Predators. The pix dont look half as bad…. think they are nicer than the current generation.

    By the way, the next Predator edition is No.10 i believe? (being zizou, I know I’ve used all of them since day 1! haha)…

  10. says: John Bo

    I was looking around the internet and Adidas are going to have special Edition Predators to celebrate there 10th Anniversary.

    So look out for something special come May

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