This football boot pairs cool ventilation and Beckham’s signature style with amazing Predator performance.'  Expect to see these kicks keeping Becks looking ultra-cool on the pitch.


Adidas and David Beckham have once again teamed up to create this wonderful addition for the adidas Predator PowerSwerve line.

The introduction of a comfortable ClimaCool design paired with the PowerPulse technology makes for a great football boot.

beckham predators


  • Predator technology in the forefoot for more power, swerve, and ball contact
  • Synthetic leather upper for lightweight durability: Elastic tongue strap for a secure fit
  • Exchangeable PowerPulse insole for kicking power
  • Two-density asymmetrical heel counter for optimal comfort, fit, and stability
  • Split outsole for optimised weight and flexibility

predators beckham


Like the race cars that inspire them, ClimaCool '® footwear scavenges the slow moving air surrounding a shoe during exercise, and conducts it through aerodynamically optimized air channels to cool the foot.
adidas tested the movement of air around a runner’s shoe and positioned ventilation ducts in locations scientifically proven to maximize air velocity to the foot.

Along with ducts positioned on the sides and outsole of the football boot, every ClimaCool'® boot is built with a fully ventilated mesh upper and breathable sock liner to ensure maximum airflow penetrating the boot and cooling the foot from every side. The 360 degree ventilation system transports heat and sweat away from the foot and out of the boot as you exercise, providing a 40% increase in cooling over a conventional running shoe which, in testing, comes surprisingly close to wearing no boot at all.

Kitbag ADI BRPlayers: David Beckham

Availability: Around March 2009

Price: RRP £120

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Footy News Jan 14, 2008

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  1. says: dominic

    i thought the previous predator’s looked a bit weird but these actually look good, they look more futuristic and could give a player great accuracy. perfect for gerrard, beckham, raul and van persie.

  2. says: Derek

    I think the photographs of the boots would looks sharper with a dark background. Contrast and such.
    I look forward to trying these out in the spring.

  3. says: ill-d

    the inside of the boot looks sick! the powerswerve part looks great with the adidas stripes. im sure besides looks this is a quality boot…

  4. says: Karl

    what a lovely pair of boots…
    i try and avoid white but these are very sexy…
    cant play in anything else but adidas and predators are the legend!!!!
    must buy these…

  5. says: Tom McCombie

    the ones beckham is seen wearing in Italy i presume are leather because the synthetic ones were made for his time in america where kangaroo leather is not allowed. once he returns to Galaxy he will wear the ones being sold commercially, although personalised. The leather ones look more appealing and should be released for general sale instead of the synthetic version. The clima cool makes them look really comfy, shame you cant get them in black colourway…

  6. says: Daniel PRawirA

    WOW…i juz bought this today..they’re so tight on my feet….like glove like fit…well, anyway..what’s the difference between synthetic and leather??which one is better??does it have the same quality with any other Predator’s???thank u….please do comment.. 🙂

    1. says: wozz

      are they not to tight? not sure weather they will stretch a little with use. dont no if should keep or send back! r u keeping yours?

    2. says: Karl

      Well I think leather fits to your fit much better – they tend to stretch out and mould to your feet. Also I think they’re softer and give you a better touch!

      Although I’ve read somewhere that leather boots shouldn’t be overused in wet wet wet weather!

      Personally I’ve always loved leather boots, the difference in my touch and overall play is quite amazing!

  7. says: Melissa

    I want these so bad =]
    l bought new adipure II TRX FG but they hurt my feet so couldn’t wear them, what a waste of $220. Using my old predators for now but l really need new ones. Beckham & adidas are ledgends

  8. says: Zippy

    Just bought some today from the adidas shop near me £60. they are so soft there like slippers!! as soon i started running nothing felt tight and stiff like my f50. they are white as snow thou!look good with a splash of mud on

  9. says: M.Holty

    These look amazing but does anyone no where ii can get some. All the internet shops look like they don’t have them. Cheers

  10. says: austin

    this shoe is amazing at first, but after a while the powerswerve starts to rip off. Maybe they took it off because they are trying to fix it…? not worth the money though.

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