Predator Absolute Overview

The +Predator Absolute features a revolutionary Exchangeable PowerPulse technology.

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Basically an innersole that allows the player to choose between a lighweight, nimble football boot, or an innersole with a plate inserted. The plate version is designed to add more power to your football boot by shifting the boots centre of gravity closer to the point of impact, allowing more power in the shot.
Designed with the help of David Beckham, this Predator claims to be the most accurate, lightest and powerful Predator ever made. View some player quotes about the +Predator Absolutes.
The +Predator Absolute also includes some enhancements to the ‘Swerve Zone’, providing even more swerve and control, while the low profile elements in the ‘Power Zone’ on top of the boot again provides power to the shot.


When I tried these boots in a recent tourament, I didn’t notice a great deal of difference between the two innersoles, other than feeling the bar slightly, which was a little distracting. They are a great looking football boot.
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Exchangeable PowerPulseTM: Add Power to Taste!

Revolutionary PowerPulseTM technology shifted the boot’s centre of gravity closer to the point of impact, allowing more powerful shots on goal. Now, with new Exchangeable PowerPulseTM, players can experience the absolutely most powerful Predator'® ever. Still, a simple swap of the boot’s PowerPulseTM sockliner will turn the boot into the lightest Predator'® ever.

Engineered Predator'® Technology:
Low-profile engineered Predator'® elements have been integrated into the Power Zone on top of the forefoot for even more power behind every shot, while enhanced Predator'® technology in the Swerve Zone allow the ultimate swerve and control that have made the Predator'® the world’s most elite football boot for over a decade.

Quick-change stud system for maximum pitch penetration and minimal stud pressure.

Split Outsole:

Provides lightweight stability for solid foot placement on any pitch.

Minimalistic External Heel Counter:
Small but extremely strong, the dual-compound heel counter reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon and provides additional safety, comfort and stability.

Asymmetrical Loop Lacing:
Offset lacing provides a larger, cleaner kicking surface to eliminate missed shots and passes.

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