We’ve seen some strange ol’ fads come and go in the world of football. Robbie Fowler’s breath-easy nose strips anyone? How about the vapor-rub on the chest of your shirt? Chopping bits of your socks off? (Sorry Hunty!!)

What it boils down to is that Pro’s at the top of their game will try anything to give them an edge, be it physical or mental.

So, what we’ve been seeing a lot of this pre-season is some top pro’s from the biggest teams in the game wearing Power Balance wristbands.

Up until 3 weeks ago, we had no idea what these little bands were, so we did some investigating!

The Power Balance website sums it up in the following way:

Power Balance WristbandsPower Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body˘ natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies.'  The hologram in Power Balance is designed to respond to the natural energy field of the body.

Interesting, no?

The biggest advocates of the Power Balance technology seem to be Inter Milan, who have been using them since last year – and it was spotting some of the current squad members wearing them that brought them to our attention

Sneijder & Eto’o warm up for the Champions League Final in their wristbands

But it’s not just the Nerrazzuri, who think that the bands work, spotted over Europe are other players who think that these Mylar holograms give them the edge.

Hamburger SV's Paolo Guerrero trains in Pre-Season

Hamburger SV’s Paolo Guerrero is also an advocate of the bands, using them in his pre-season warm-up – as well as the swanky White/Black/Pink adidas F50 adiZero !

Also, not just for the training ground, some of the world’s more expensive players like to wear theirs whilst on a night out!

Cristiano Ronaldo Power Balance

So, there’s some players who are wearing the Power Balance wristbands on the pitch – but we want to know, are you?

If you’ve got a band yourself and are wearing it, we want to know what benefits you feel!

Or maybe you’re avoiding the Power Balance craze? What have you read that’s put you off?

Here at Footy-Boots.com, we’ve received a band for testing in the post and we can’t wait to start testing it! Expect a review soon!

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  1. says: EFG

    I’ve been using the power balance bracelet and from what I feel I’m more flexible plus I just have more balance. I’ve been doing all these power balance tests and it turns out I’m somewhat stronger too for example when someone tries to let me fall down, they need to put more effort in it to do so. I love it and I don’t care about people who think it’s rubbish.. Try it before you judge because first I was thinking it was rubbish too, until I tried it myself and bought me a bracelet.

  2. says: NP9

    Been using the Power Balance.
    What can i say… it’s not that you feel better, apparently it’s the same but it may have influence in little things that make the difference, anyway it’s even a psychological boost.
    That’s waht i think

  3. says: kevin

    I’ve been using it for 4 months now, but I had no idea the pros were too. The only big difference I feel is I feel like i have more balance nd agility.. its definately mental

  4. says: Mike

    Complete pseudo science. There is no ‘natural energy flow’ and holograms deal with EM waves and the interference patterns of those waves. This can be used to produce 3D images, data storage, microscopes etc. In non of these does the hologram redirect the wave. Complete garbage. Placebo at best.

  5. says: channo

    what i learned from my childhood:

    hologram superhero-collecting cards worth double the price of ordinary superhero-collecting cards.

    hologram gift wrapper papers also costs more than plain dove gift wrapper papers.

    oh, and original dvds are usually marked with hologram logo.

    see, i’m an Asian. i’m aware that in this world, there are the principals of Zen, Ying and Yang, Chi energy, even Feng Shui. i grew with those things around me.

    but -no offense- i didn’t see where this whole hologram thingie could possibly interfere with human’s natural energy field?!?!?! (if there’s even a so called “natural energy field”)

    i’ve seen their website, and i’m sorry to say that it doesn’t make any sense -even for a superstition sensed guy like me.
    anytime i’d rather wear nike’s red laces or livestrong bracelet and got stronger for knowing that i just done some small good for those kids in Africa or people with cancer.

    again, it’s just my two cents guys. we should do whatever works for each of us 🙂

  6. says: Ben

    This is totally phsycological. If an expert told Ronaldo that wearing one Nike boot and one adidas boot would make him a better footballer, and if he did it, I’ll bet you that he’d be convinced that he was faster, stronger, or more agile.
    If you think you are great, than you will play great, and the power-balance stuff is just a way to make you think you’re great.

  7. says: Guy Incognito

    @channo – I lol’d so hard at the superhero cards bit!

    I’m not convinced, but I have a couple of pre-game rituals – and if a Power Balance could give me the same placebo effect as my other preperations I could have another 20 mins in bed on a Sunday morning!

  8. says: perrygroves

    Hang about then, if I combine a Power Balance, Zouk supplements and the best know boot in the universe (Adizero?) I will be a pro before I know it!? Premiershp here I come…..

  9. says: Connor Wallace

    So we got these into our store about 4 months ago and i thought they were another one of those titanium ore things that a lot of baseball players were wearing. but i checked out the website and it did not tell me anything other than that there is a hologram on the bracelet. ???

    certainly a placebo, but certain people have been effectively treated with placebos for years so hey, if youve got $40 to blow on confidence why not?

  10. says: Adipurity

    What a scam. I wonder If they beat up a Buddhist monk to get the whole energy field phrase. Oh and if you know something is a placebo than using it has no effect whatsoever. Go luck getting a refund.

  11. says: mercurialman

    I have one of those wristbands, but from a different company. They do help but it isnt anything mind blowing.

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