Last week we posted up a piece on the Top Selling Premier League Player Shirts – and one of the comments really caught our eye.

Footy-Boots.com user Jack mentioned that he’d be interested in knowing what people do with their football shirts, in terms of Names & Numbers, long sleeve or short sleeve etc etc.

So, we took him up on his idea and have decided to run some polls based around those questions!

Hero Shirt, Your Shirt or Plain Shirt? [poll id=”37″]

Way back when, players only had numbers on their shirts, but since the mid-late nineties, player printed shirts have become big business!

Of course, there are those who prefer the clean simplicity of an unprinted shirt – in our humble opinion, some shirts look better unprinted – such as the England Home shirt or the Manchester United Home Shirt 2010-2011.

And there’s are the egotists who like to have their own name across their shoulders – these divas probably have their name & number sown into their football boots, for added impact! Oh hang on – I’ve just described 90% of the Footy-Boots.com staff there…!

Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve? [poll id=”38″]

Short sleeve or long sleeve is always a dilemma when picking up a shirt. First off, it’s a bit of extra money that we could probably find a use for – but being based in the UK, we always welcome a bit of extra fabric between us and the cold!

But those from sunnier climes will probably find it pointless to have anything but a Short Sleeve shirt, as we imagine all the Dry-Fit and ClimaCool technology in the world won’t do you any good in the scorching equatorial sunshine!

Watch or Play? [poll id=”39″]

For some, a football shirt is a garment just like any other t-shirt, that they can pop on whenever they go to the ground of their team to watch the match, go to the pub or just sit at home and watch the footy.

Others believe that if Nike, Puma, adidas & Umbro are going to take the trouble of developing moisture-wicking fabric and ventilation then it deserves to be used to it’s full extent, and won’t be seen in a football shirt unless they’re heading to training or a kickabout.

And then there’s others who are happy to do both, and it’s these that you’ve got to look out for – as we’re willing to bet that they didn’t wash their beloved jersey between activities. Phew!

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  1. says: tito933

    Personally I collect jerseys. My goal for the next 20 years is to at least have a jersey from every single country. Ive got quite a few already. Most european teams and some central, north and south america. A couple of east indian teams are in there such as Israel and such. Would be a lot easier as a pro 🙂

    that plus theyre really comfy shirts haha


  2. says: DaveM

    Interesting questions… Personally I wouldn’t spend ÂŁ50 on a shirt and then where it to play in. My shirts are for collecting, or wearing out and about…

  3. says: Geo

    I buy all my shirts to play in. I look forward to getting a new jersey every year and using it on the pitch. People always say why do I spend $70 on a shirt that I’m gonna sweat in? I say because I just love showing my love for my favorite club or country while I play. But that’s my opinion.

  4. says: Jonesy

    Interesting survey.

    First of all, I buy my shirts primarily to play in, but I have to be able to wear them on a lazy Sunday/trip to the game too!

    I try and collect shirts and have aside from my proper team I support, a few teams from around the globe I like to see what they bring out every year.

    I am always adamant it has to be long sleeve, mainly as its more unique than short, but also a bit classier in my mind. Getting my hands on a long sleeved shirt from a club in a hot country is pretty rare too…

    And as for name and number, I like to sometimes just have my number 8, no name. I think this looks cool and different, but also looks like its from a classier era.

    I think playing out on a pitch with a bog standard short sleeved shirt with nothing to differentiate it from the rest just doesn’t appeal…..

    If I can ever get my hands on sponsor free shirts I’m in heaven!

  5. says: MisterBroom12

    I am a large Arsenal fan and have been buying their home away and 3rd jerseys since the 04/05 season. The hard part for me though is getting ahold of the jerseys from before 04/05. It helps me wear a jersey every time they play, which can be up to 3 times in a week, without worrying about them being in the wash!

  6. says: boost

    im a bolton fan but i collect a shirt from every stadium i go to (united, arsenal,northern ireland my country, and marseille) so i have a reasonable collection for doing both watching and playing in. I also think that getting long sleeves is better because if it is cold you can wear the sleeves down but if it is warm then you can pull them up

  7. says: brian

    I love shirts and I have some . In my case, I use them when I`m watching the matches and also when I play cause it makes me feel like a pro 😛 .

  8. says: Alec

    i buy jerseys when ever i can, i wear it around, but i never use them when i play, because in america when i play people pull your jersey and they rip, my friend had a roma jerseyy on and it got ripped and you know how Kappa jerseys tend to be more money than nike and adidas, therefor i use them at school and when i go out sometimes, i love jerseys

  9. says: channo

    football boots are one thing, but shirts are another issue…
    see, $70 are considered as quite expensive amount of money in my part of the world. it could buy us a decent libretto, shoot or veloci too.
    so buying a shirt are usually done on special occasions.

    btw i’m totally agree with Geo there.
    it would be a shame to the engines if i buy a ferarri just to park it in my garage, without ever go crazy-need-for-speed every once in a while.
    as it would be a shame to all the fabric technologies if i buy football shirts just to hang it on my wall/wear it when sitting at home & watch footy at tv (with all do respect to all who actually do…)

  10. says: Fifinho

    I’ve got a fairly reasonable shirt collection, mostly different countries but a few clubs as well (I support Liverpool btw in case you’re wondering). I’m only 16 and rather small for my size so I actually fit kid’s sizes a lot of the time which means the shirts I buy are noticeably than the adult sized ones.

    I actually think buying training jerseys is a great idea. They’re generally cheaper but still have the same “technology” which makes them good for sweating in. This way you can still show your support for you team and you’ll also have a shirt which will be a bit more unique than what everyone else has 🙂

  11. says: LIAM AJ

    I collect barcelona kits in my opinion they are the most beautiful shirts in the world i also play football in them there gr8 !! 🙂

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