With the World Cup coming up soon every brand is producing new boots

Football Boots

However, when you look a little closer, you’ll see a lot of T90 Laser III, Predator_X, and Zhero Gravity Ultra.

All of these are brands taking their existing heavy-hitters and expanding on them, which is absolutely great! Like a movie studio relying on a big sequel for it’s Summer blockbuster, like Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3 or Sex and the City 2… I mean…erm…forget that last one!

But there are some brands that are willing to take a gamble in this World Cup year. Ready to shake things up a little, Umbro, Puma and Reebok have all decided that it’s the best time to launch their all new range of football boots.

And now they’ve all been on the shelves for a month or so, we want to know what you’ve been buying, what you plan to buy, and which you just think are the best new model of boots for the summer!

(Also, it was a nice excuse to have a poll without Nike or adidas boots involved. Because, as much as we love them, they always win!)

Without further delay – the contenders!

Puma PowerCat 1.10


Underdog of our previous Power Poll, the PowerCat 1.10 has to be a strong contender here!

Though a worthy spiritual successor to the v-Konstrukt range, the PowerCat is very much it’s own boot. It’s emphasis on shot-enhancing technology and lightweight construction rather than protection and durability set it apart from it’s older brother.

Who’s wearing it: Nemanja Vidic, Bacary Sagna, Nicolas Anelka (Once)

Reebok RG800

Reebok RG800

Released amongst a storm of new Nike and adidas colourways – the RG800 Pro LE launch was much like the man whom they are named for: Understated, unassuming and unwaveringly professional.

None the less, the reaction here on the comments was mightily impressive – many people picking up on the classic design, choice of colours and the appeal of the Limited edition.

Who’s Wearing It: Ryan Giggs

Umbro Stealth Pro


Umbro’s Stealth Pro had a confusing launch, first of all no one knew what it was (Speed, Power or Control? It was all three!), then Umbro referred to the boot as ‘Stealth by Umbro’ in it’s pre-launch campaign, so no one knew what it was called. Then the advert was all about foxes and chickens, so no one knew what on Earth was going on!

But since then, the Stealth has found its feet! The Stealth is an Ultra-light powerhouse, and is being snapped up by Pro’s left right and centre – but the purpose of the poll is to find out, have you been buying them?

Who’s Wearing It: David Bentley, Gael Clichy, Martin Paterson [poll=36]

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  1. says: FUZZY

    Why doesn’t Darren Bent where the Umbro Stealth Pro yet? He has pace and power, and the colours match his kit! He needsd to go to the World Cup too!

  2. says: Bob

    vote for Puma. Haven’t purchased them just yet but a huge fan of v-konstrukts I. Just got v-konstukt II. Will not be buying the IIIrd generation and prob skip right to these.
    As far as reebok and umbro – will look at them if I have a chance but will not buy.

  3. says: Aussie Lad

    I voted for the Umbro Stealth Pro because I still have no idea what market it is focussed on! There is a very wide sample of different players wearing it. Therefore, I believe it to be original.

  4. says: channo

    what happened to the new CTR360 range? is it because its nike?

    well, since it’s the only boot i buy this season 😛 i can’t really comment about the candidates in this poll.

    however, i see the stealth pro as a perfect rival for CTR360. it’s clever, intellectual, a little bit cunning at times. players who know his game, and dictate it with his pace.
    it’s like a badass version of the CTR360 🙂 (i think i’ve said something like this in previous footy-boots article)

    therefore, i vote for the stealth pro (absolutely love the white colorway 😉 )

  5. says: martincillo

    what the weight of that stealth boot, it start to like me =D
    i voted for puma, havent buy them but they look fantastic

  6. says: Patrick

    I voted for the PowerCat, it suits my feet perfect and the leather is really nice. But I’m wondering why you don’t use a pic of the lateral side of the PowerCat as you do with the other two??

  7. says: Danny P

    I voted for the Unbro Stealth Pro as I had the pleasure of winning a pair in their competition a while ago.

    There relatively light along the lines of CTR360’s, and have a similar make-up. That being very comfortable with Poron inserts and ‘air pockets’ across the outer of the boot to add padding.

  8. says: Fifinho

    I’m not really sure if the RG800 should really be counted as it is more of a LTD Edition model. I personally am looking very forward to trying out the Stealth 🙂

    @Tno: even though the Wave Ignitus has a revolutionary new technology in the “Mukaiten” panel, it’s still just a continuation of the previous Wave series

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