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*Update! The Mercurial Vapor VI is available to order now!*

French international Franck Ribery starred in a viral video promoting them and Arsenal striker Niklas Bendtner debuted them in the Premier League before professing that he’d always dreamed of playing in them.

But has Bendtner’s dream already died and has Franck ‘isn’t he a panther ever so pink’ Ribery followed him by ditching the very product he was pushing just a couple of weeks ago?

In last night’s Champions League action, where Ribery played for Bayern Munich in their 3 – 2 win at Lyon and Bendtner for Arsenal in their disappointing 2 – 0 loss away to Porto, neither used the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Berry – the pink football boot.

Instead, both players decided to turn out in the new Vapor colourway, the Citron as it made its Champions League bow across Europe this week, used by a host of top stars including the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adriano.

Mercurial Vapor Citron


Fans of the Berry can rest easy, it’s still around. In fact, Andrey Arshavin wore a pair in Zenit St Petersburg’s defeat at Real Madrid. However, Nike decided to debut the Citron with a number of their contracted players last night. Indeed, the Uefa competition was rather reminiscent of a Mediterranean market there was so much lime on show.

Even though he didn’t play last night, Cristiano Ronaldo has also trialled the new colourway during a Manchester United training session.

The Citron colourway will be available in the shops from early next year, the Vapor IV in January and the SL version in February.

Vapor 6 Ad New

*Update! The Mercurial Vapor VI is available to order now!*

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  1. says: J

    Yea, such a shame, it’s as if you only wear boots that you see people on tv wearing. Shame on them for changing colours on the same boot.

    i mean, they probably took out important functions of the boot and changed it all around just to switch up the colours, how dare they!

  2. says: Hugh

    Don’t worry guys. The pink ones will never grow old however these ones are sweet. Should I buy these ones or the pink ones or the F50.9s.

  3. says: sean

    these dont look so bad…but did anyone notice the Champions League ball in the picture with Ronaldo?? It looks new, maybe it’s the ball for the final or for winter games. does anyone know if the ball is on sale or has anyone seen it anywhere??

  4. says: Hugh

    I’m guessin that you don’t think pink boots would be the best option then! I think I am goin to buy the white and red F.50.9 TUNIT Pack because they look nicer and they are better value and if I buy vapors then in a week or two Nike will bring some new ones out whereas addidas don’t do that.

  5. says: Hugh

    Oh and buy the way the champions league ball is from last year. I think it was for the final last year. My mate got one. They don’y look as good as the one with orange stars. That one is the beest champo league ball.

  6. says: kevin

    Mahn these are so sick!!!
    I would wear them forget what anyone says. But its too late for me I just bought my rosas 4 days ago, but its all good I’ve been wanting to wear pink shoes for a long time..:P

  7. says: Hugh

    Whoever said F50’s were clumpy obviously never wore them properly. I just bought the new limited edition white and red ones and theyre the nicest boots i have played with and I have played with mercurial vapors as well and the SL versions. theyre amazin! I reccomend them for anyone who agrees with me that Nike do everything to get more money and do not care about there customers!!!

  8. says: nick

    The vapors are very nice and very good to play in.

    I have the orange one’s, and the ony bad thing I can say about them are that they rip fast, they are very thin material, so it hurts your foot sometimes, I double sock though, and nike will come out with the vapor V’s in like a few more months I’m guessin….

  9. says: Mow

    I’ve got those ones and they’re pretty awesome!!!

    they are very light, comfortable, and they look great!

    I play and shoot so much better wearing them.

    I also get lots of complements from the ladies 🙂

  10. says: Nicklas

    I have the mercurial vapor citron but i’ve buy it because i couldn’t find the pink ones i think the pink are the best shoes created ever !!

  11. says: Matt

    Hey, I got a pair of mercurial vapor 4’s last season. I think they are very good shoes that feel great when you break them in properley. Just double sock up.
    But there is a bad downside to these cleats. I got them in firm ground which should have been perfect for the pitches that I play on, but they are rippin in many places on both shoes, and nothing works to mend it. I’ve tried super glue and crazy glue but nothing seems to work. I paid for these myself and I need to know if there is anything that can mend these cleats.

  12. says: ella

    hey guys dont diss nike. they have got to bring out new boots. they are both tricked out and mega sick boots, so you will look good in any nike boots, nike are quality and eye catching. i couldnt live without nike.

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