How far would you go for a kickabout?

Pepsi MaxIT

Pepsi want to know!

Today, Pepsi MAX sets the challenge for footie fans across the UK to come up with the ultimate kickabout idea, which Pepsi MAX will turn into a £50,000 reality with the launch of its ‘Max It Legends’ competition.

To enter the ‘Max It Legends’ football challenge a team of three mates should create a 60-second video'  showing how they will keep the footie spirit alive with their own legendary kick-about.

This could be anything from taking a penalty shootout against a legendary goal keeper at Wembley or organising the world’s largest football game, to enlisting the services of world famous football commentator at your Sunday league match.

The winning team will be given £50,000 to bring their ultimate footie experience to life.

Pepsi MaxIT

The examples that Pepsi have provided include: Sky-diving Soccer, Seabed Soccer and Night-time 5-a-side using car headlights for floodlights!

They’re good – but we reckon that you can do better!

Get the full details and see some examples at !

Post some ideas in the comments below, or if you’ve entered; post a link to your entry and let us know which video’s yours!

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  1. says: patrick

    maybe, football on an ice skating rink
    or football in the sea
    football on a custard filled pool lol
    football on soapy ground

  2. says: MisterBroom12

    4 teams of 4 a side (3 and a keeper) on a square shaped field with goals in the middle of each touchline. Goals against eliminate your team, no matter which of the other 3 teams scores it. Could provide for multiple teams working with each other to score on one goal and also provide for acts of betrayal for teams who were plotting to play together. I don’t live in the UK, anyone serious about pitching an idea that may like mine go right ahead.

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