Following in the (Presumably giant) footsteps of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has visited Nike’s PR hot-spots during his time in South AfricaÄ‚Ĺ»'»'ĹĽ

In the above video – courtesy of our good friends at Nike Football – The Barca Gaffer gets a tour of the facilities at Nike’s high-tech Soweto training compound, as well as giving a talk to the kids there about what he looks for in potential young stars.

From the centre he also submits his own message to the Life Centre in Johannesburg (just like did!) choosing to try and fire up Spain’s Andreas Iniesta – no surprise there, as he is one of his Blaugrana charges!

Remember, that as long as the World Cup is on, you can get your own messages up in lights at the Life Centre in South Africa from the Nike Facebook page!

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