adidas sign Pep Guardiola as an official ambassador

FC Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola has been' officially announced today as an adidas ambassador.

Formerly a cultured defensive midfielder' for FC Barcelona and Spain, Guardiola is now undoubtedly one of the best managers in the' game and over the course of his career he has become one of the most decorated names in' football.

As part of his new ambassadorial role, Guardiola will become the face of this season's adidas' UEFA Champions League campaign, Gamedayplus, which will run for the entirety of the' forthcoming European season.

Guardiola has won the UEFA Champions League once as a' player and twice as a manager and has recently joined the reigning UEFA Champions League' holders FC Bayern Munich. Further details on Gamedayplus will be announced in the coming' weeks.

Upon signing with adidas, Pep Guardiola said: Ĺ›It is with great pride that I have signed with' adidas as one of their ambassadors. adidas have an amazing heritage but at the same time' they are also proud to be at the cutting edge of football and these are two qualities that I really' admire. I'm looking forward to fronting their forthcoming UEFA Champions League campaign' and fans can look forward to a further announcement in the next few weeks.ĹĄ' 

adidas have always made some great use of managers at adidas clubs – such as Jose Mourinho offering up columns and advice on the miCoach platform – and having Guardiola at their disposal will mean some great content for us players.

Additionally, we can’t wait to see what Gamedayplus is all about – colour us excited for that announcement.

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