Brazilian brand Penalty have come up with an innovative way for eagle-eyed fans to get the latest information on their football boots, via a special QR code on their prototype boots.

Victor Valdes wears prototype Penalty S11 football boots with QR Code on the upper

Here at we’ve seen plenty of players modelling anonymous-looking black-out football boots, and whenever we ask the brands for a statement, we’re usually met with a firm ‘No comment’, ‘It’s a future release’ and very rarely a ‘How did you get my home number?’.

We know that players are testing a top-secret, unreleased boot, but there’s very little we can do to get information on it.

However, Penalty have created an awesome way to get info on their latest football boots to die-hard fans, and capitalise on the recent flurry of interest in the Brazilian company after they signed Barcelona’s Number One stopper, Victor Valdes.

Victor Valdes wears prototype Penalty S11 football boots with QR Code on the upper

Rather than wearing the current Penalty S11, Valdes is helping Penalty develop a new version of the S11 for release in 2012; and in Saturday’s game against Real Zaragoza, Valdes wore the very first prototype of these exciting new cleats.

Rather than blacking them out completely, Penalty have printed a QR Code onto the side of the boots, so keen fans can scan the Spanish stopper’s boots using their mobile device, cell phone or webcam.Penalty S11 football boots with QR Code on the upper

They will then be re-directed to a previously inaccessible area of the official Penalty website to get pictures, video and insider info on the new Penalty S11 – before anyone else!


It doesn’t stop there, either. Penalty have told us that more information will be revealed every time that Valdes wears their prototype football boots, so it’s well worth keeping scanning if you want the latest info!

We think it’s a brilliant way to make sure your most die-hard fans get info before anyone else, and massive props to Penalty for coming up with it!

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the S11!


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  1. says: Felipe Bazon

    Kudos to Penalty for coming with such innovative way to promote their new Football Boots. In a market where the giants Nike and Adidas have done almost everything this new QR-code is a really cool idea. I bet the the big guns will copy it! Well thought Penalty!

  2. says: Ddchile

    Awesome and great marketing on their part. Interesting because while they are a big brand here in South America, they really don’t do much outside of Brasil in terms of marketing.

  3. says: Tim

    WOW! These boots are amazing! I didn’t know this brand, but it must to be a very good one:  a football brand from the football country…


    Does someone know this brand site??? They sell it here at UK?

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