A little earlier this month, a pair of the new Pele Sports Trinity 3e‘s landed here at HQ, and we thought we’d start off the new year trying out something a little different with such a special pair of football boots.

After such a great reaction from everyone here on the site when we posted our video impressions of the adiZero miCoach last year, we thought we’d give it a blast with another Speed boot, the Pele Sports Trinity 3e.

As well as a full written write-up of our thoughts and opinions on the ultra-light Trinity (which you can look forward to soon!), we thought we’d share with you our first impressions on the boot as soon as we got it out of the box, and also compared it to some of it’s competitors!

There’s a little technical hitch (our camera kept auto-focusing every time we moved towards/away from the lens – D’oh!) but we thought it was well worth sharing with you guys – especially those of you thinking of buying a pair of Pele Sports Trinity 3e‘s.

So, let us know what you think, and be sure to tell us what we can do more of in future videos – what would you like to see more of? Less of? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try and include it in our next video review!


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  1. says: Kevin

    Well I did take the plunge, quite a while ago. They are good boots, very comfortable and secure. The only thing I don’t particularly care for is the central lacing, I really like the off-set lacing of the adizero and az primes which I also own. The central lacing of the boot makes striking with it not feel as nice as I would like. The upper also doesn’t give the nice “pop” feeling when a shot is taken (also preset in the adizero), I think this is because the upper is so soft. However the studs really are where this boot shines, I have never felt like I was able to change directions faster, or more securely than in these boots. So basically depending on the pitch and the conditions I would give the last generation adizero prime a higher recommendation, as it can be had for as little as 140 USD.   

  2. says: Antonio

    Can you let us know how this type of studs will be on turf fields? Are they more dangerous than the regular studs or safer? I’m very curious about these boots. If they get an amazing review, I may even choose them over Mizuno Wave Ignitus!

    1. says: Kevin

      They seem safer on turf than normal soccer shoes as the provide better stability. If you are considering the Wave Ignitus this is about as far from that boot as you can get. 

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