When it comes to choosing the correct boots for artificial turf, there are definitely a few different schools of thought on which is the ‘right’ choice.

Pele Sports 1962 Redeemer Artificial Ground cleats

Astroturf boots are a safe bet, but you can’t buy the ‘top’ models in an astroturf plate.

You could always wear an FG boot, but some astroturf pitches can be too tough on the upper and plate, causing durability issues.

And finally, whilst AG plates exist, they’re tough to get hold of for top-tier boots outside of the far east.

Pele Sports 1962 Redeemer

But once again, Pelé Sports have sniffed out another gap in the market with a boot that aims to be practically indestructible in the form of the 1962 Redeemer.

“Born Tough” is the motto behind the Redeemer, and tough certainly seems to be something of an understatement.

The key feature of these cleats is an all-new bombastic treatment to the upper in the front of the boot, that is described by Pele Sports as ‘Stronger than Steel’.

Pele Sports Redeemer AG

Whilst the boot is soft leather for great touch and feel, the toe, instep and outside of the toes are coated in an abrasion resistant coating designed to keep the boot in tip-top condition when others have bitten the dust.

We have to admit, the upper is like nothing we’ve ever seen on a boot before – and definitely looks like it could take a beating!

Pele Sports Redeemer Artificial Ground

The outsole is also designed for the serious artificial turf player, with a 25-stud anatomically mapped plate. As well as distributing the increased ground pressure of a man-made surface better, the low profile studs are much shorter and thinner than an FG plate, so you’re far less likely to be caught in the turf.

The Pele Sports 1962 Redeemer range will also feature HG, FG and SG models – though they won’t have the unique abrasion-resistant leather coating to their calfskin uppers.

Pele Sports Redeemer Range

Available from this week, the Redeemer AG will set you back $129.99 US with a European release still TBC

Once again Pele Sports dazzle us with a leather upper that’s completely unlike anything else on the market – but what do you guys think?

Let us know in the comments!

PELE SPORTS 1962 REDEEMER AG, 8.1 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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  1. says: Insider_11

    Kyle…you’re wrong with this article. This year adidas released an AG and HG specific soleplate for all the top-level boots. They’re maybe not available in the UK but they’re pretty much everywhere else.

    1. says: ThePerfectStrike

      US here, and most of the big retailers here don’t carry AG or HG versions of the Vapor, F50, Predator LZ etc.(usually).
      The article says they’re more common in the Far East and you said they’re not in the UK – I think you’re overselling it a little by saying they’re available ‘everywhere else’

      1. says: Insider_11

        I suppose it depends on what the retailers want to stock and what sells well…im surprised they’re not in the US because i’ve seen them available in most euro countries and we dont have as many turf pitches as the US. Saying that…i do have friends in the US who have them.

  2. says: c.f.

    They look very great, I wonder how that upper will work. I often play with my FG Mercurial Victorys in turf, but i guess its not as comfortable as actual turf shoes and they make a mess of the turf. I do have some turf shoes, adidas 5on5 I think, but the studs are so low i use them for running and street soccer (I guess I shouldnt, last time i got blood under my toenail). But anyways, these Pele Sports look worth the price, especially if that upper does protect the leather. What would be the price for the FG ones, and their features? On the other hand, are the HG ones meant for barren fields? At least thats what theyre used for in my country, that and turf one (which are almost the same hing I guess? what would be the difference?).

  3. says: jimbobbarrett

    i wonder due to the texture of the upper if it has any added grip etc to the ball as well. this boot needs testing sharpish, because if it does add spin grip touch etc this could be a better more cost effective pred t90 type of boot with classic looks

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