Patrick Gold Cup

It’s the era of daft hair, shoulder-pad jackets are in fashion and wavey-voiced female electro-pop dominates the charts

Not a great deal of difference between the 80’s and now, is there?

So, it’s got to be the perfect time for one-time top-of-the-tree sports brand Patrick to make a retro revival!

Some vintage Patrick Action!

Through the late 70’s and 80’s Patrick were immensely popular, with their football boots adorning the feet of heroes and legends of the game, like Kevin Keegan & (everyone’s favourite!) Michel Platini.

Heading into the 90’s, the rise of Nike and their subsequent big-money sponsorship battles with Adidas caused Patrick to step away from the beautiful game for a while – but now they’re back to relive some past glory, with this superb heritage boot – The Gold Cup.

Gold Cup 15

' The Patrick Gold Cup HG

The Gold Cup has everything that you’ve come to expect from a great heritage boot, including a full-grain Kangaroo leather upper – that as you can tell – is super soft towards the toe.

The Patrick Gold Cup also utilizes industry-standard TPU for the outsole. As it’s used on most boots on the market, you know it’s going to be light and durable whilst relatively inexpensive.

The insole also belies it’s retro exterior, featuring molded EVA and shock absorbing inserts in the heel and arch of the foot.

Gold Cup 14

The Mixed-Sole version of the Gold Cup

Keen observers will also notice the sole plates of the two football boots so far:

The Hard Ground version features a 13 stud configuration that’s similar to that found on the Copa Mundial and Mizuno Morelia. However, we reckon these studs look a little longer so they might be a bit better in softer ground that the Copa.

The Soft Ground version of the Gold Cup (pictured above) is a little more unorthodox. Instead of going for a 6 or 8 stud screw-in set up, Patrick have retained the 13 stud layout of the HG version and replaced 6 of the studs on each boot with metal screw ins!

This provides a unique hybrid set up, that we think will distribute pressure across the foot nicely.

Priced competitively at 89.90, we think the Patrick Gold Cup could become a cult favourite. It ticks all the right boxes for a solid heritage boot and it certainly looks the part.

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  1. says: Bob

    I love he way they look. Would love to test drive a pair myself. Probably would cut off a tongue, but once again it is “heritage boot”. Also looks like some padding is used right under the logo, maybe for added protection – don’t know. Can footy boots get their hands on these and test them out?

  2. says: james

    these look awesome. i love the simple shoes and have always had better luck with them over the high brand stuff. these look awesome.

  3. says: Hombre75

    they look good but too much like an adidas world cup. even the name is similar…
    however, if the quality is good they deserve their place in the market as it looks like leather which is hard to find these days.

  4. says: Jose Luis

    I had a pair of Patrick Platini and they are among the best shies I have ever worn, and believe me, I hava had a lot of football shoes. The new Patrick Gold Cup looks terrific for the lovers of retro styled shoes…

  5. says: John Chapman

    Nice to see and old face instead of Adidas or Nike heritage and these look the business, imagine wearing a pair that the great Platini or Michael Laudrup wore, nice.

  6. says: Tony O'Dowd

    I had the best boots money could buy. Adidas Brasil, Adidas Montivideo, Adi, Penerol, World Cup, Puma Spa Royal & King but best boots I ever had were Patrick Papin & Laudrup with the Biotex Sole. These were the only boots that fitted like a glove and many of the new boots are poor by comparison.

  7. says: Brian

    I saw a pair of these in light blue and all weight sole and spike. I can not find that website anymore. Has anyone seen the ones I am talking about?

  8. says: Jay Walsh

    These look quality. As a kid I could never wear Puma or Adidas as they were too narrow, so I wore Patrick 20:20! Best boots I ever had! I even scored Hat Trick against a team containing Andy Cole…….happy days!!! Must have all gone wrong when Patrick went out the market, welcome back I say!!!!

  9. says: shai

    bring back memories….my first boot Patrick Micheal Laudrup…They weren’t real leather but they were great for 10 yr olds

  10. says: Bob Larson

    had the 6 stud pair. Wet/muddy/snow boots ! We used to get the metal studs and paint them black to try to get them past the high school refs. 🙂

  11. says: Jose Luis Lopez Tercero

    I had a pair of Patrick Platini soft ground shoes back in the 1980´s and they were awesome! The only problem was the removable screw in studs were very hard to find. If I could find then again I would buy a pair for sure!

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