Pantofola d’Oro launches in Asia

2008 Launch date for Japan and South Korea

Italian football boot brand Pantofola d’Oro has announced its plans to launch its range of football boots into the Asian market.

The ‘Golden Slipper’ or ‘Pantofola d’Oro’, is produced in the central Italian town of Ascoli Piceno in the province of Marche, and is to be launched in Japan and South Korea in 2008.

Pantofola d’Oro produces five million pair of football boots a year, with over half the football boot brands’s revenues coming from sales outside of Italy. This year alone Pantofola d’Oro has experienced a 40% rise in sales. With an expansion of its clothing and leisure footwear ranges, the brand estimates it will achieve a turnover of 10 million euros by 2010.


The brand was founded in 1886 when the Lazzarini family opened a cobbler’s workshop in a small street in the heart of Ascoli, Via Vidacilio. During the 1950’s Emidio Lazzarini took over the business from his father. As a wrestler, Lazzarini found the shoes he wore to be uncomfortable and unsuitable for grappling. After deciding to make his own wrestling shoes, word spread that the shoes were much softer and more comfortable than the other shoes on the market. Lazzarini began to produce bespoke wrestling shoes for other wrestlers, before contacting the local football team A.S. Ascoli (now known as Ascoli Calcio 1898), subsequently making customised football boots for the players.

The ‘Golden Slipper’ became renowned for its exceptional softness, allowing the player’s foot room to move, whilst giving outstanding ball control. Emidio Lazzarini’s secret lay in the soft calf-leather he used for the sole plate, rather than the more common heavier leather, and the boot’s ergonomic form, which perfectly followed the contours of the foot.

The Pantafola d’Oro football boot soon attracted a starstudded client base. John Charles, the former Leeds United and Juventus utility player, was an early customer, giving the Lazzarini football boots their name. “These aren’t boots, they’re slippers – golden slippers”. The Italian for ‘golden slipper’ is Pantofola d’Oro.

Newly installed England manager Fabio Capello was one of the many players to have worn Lazzarini’s boots. Others include Garrincha, Johan Cruijff, Jurgen Klinsmann, Roberto Mancini, Marco Van Basten, Dino Zoff and Paolo Di Canio.

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  1. says: chris neville

    they have a number of UK players listed. I’ve owned 3 pairs of these and they are incredible. Hand made top quality and the most comfortable boots ever

    1. says: Martin Graham

      Hi there,

      just contemplating purchasing a pair of Pantofola d’Oro Eleganza Vitello’s off the net but was wondering what the sizing is like as i can’t find anywhere that stocks them so i can try them on. If you could give me an idea that would be brilliant. Many thanks


      1. says: Israel Gomez

        Have you bought them yet, if not you should buy them your regular shoe size or even a size smaller because they come a little big, well at least that happened to me. Hope this helps.

  2. says: Israel G.

    These are the best boots I ever had. They are super comfortable you don’t have to break them in. I highly recommend them.

  3. says: rich

    Hi all,

    I have a pair of the Pantofola Dream Firm Ground boots for sale in UK 9.5 if anyone is interested.

    I bought them about 3 months ago.
    They have been worn about 6 times on a rubber crumb surface. Very good condition.

    Thought i’d advertise them on here first since you all seem to appreciate how good these boots are. Unfortunately these are a little too small for me.

    Am happy to list them as an item on eBay if there is any interest here for buyer protection. Offers welcome.

    Email is [email protected]


  4. says: Omar

    I’m a size 10 normally.
    Would going half a size down make sense? I reckon that they’ll give a bit after a while.
    Any info is very much appreciated.

  5. says: Mark

    I really want some pantofola d’oro lazzarini football boots, I live in the UK does anyone know where i can purchase them? Your help would be greatly recieved.

  6. says: Will

    Hi everybody!
    I was thinking about purchasing the Lazzarini boots, im a size 9 but dont know weather to buy 8.5’s.
    Has anyone seen these out in the shops anywhere before?
    A reply would be much appriecated!

  7. says: keir

    hey everybody!
    i have a pair of the lazzarrini red pantofolo’s and they are absolutely stunning. more comfy than A-Lines or Valsport and thats saying something!
    would definately recommend them big time for someone who wants to feel the ball likes your playing bare foot 🙂

    and as for sizing i wear a 7.5/8 in trainers and these fit the same. i bought 8 and 7.5 to get comparison and im keeping the 7.5 as they are a tiny bit tighter and i prefer that with boots. also depends what sock combo u wear but id say go with size u normally wear or 0.5 smaller as the leather will mould a little.


  8. says: Arnasgr

    Could anyone tell me:

    1) what size is your foot normaly
    2) what size boots did you buy?
    3) conclusion: Should buy bigger or smaller 

  9. says: joseph stephenson

    In response to Arnasgr, i recently purchased the lazzarini’s in size 9.5, and i am normally a 10. i prefer to wear more than one pair of socks with all of my boots, just for protection and it helps touch and feel. These boots are fantastic, feels like i have worn them for many years and the comfort is second to none. Forget all the modern technology, these boots are all you need. Another plus is that very few players in my team have ever seen a boot like this, and are in awe of the soft leather. 

    One thing to note however is that on my boots themselves, the leather started to come away from the sole of the boot quite quickly, but this has had zero effect on performance thus far, and i am starting to believe that this is how the boots are meant to be, they seem to be held on to the sole rather well

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