Owen Hargreaves Football Boots – Prefers Predators Not Nike

Will we see Owen Hargreaves in Nike This Season? Not likely!

Ever since Bayern midfielder Owen Hargreaves signed to wear Nike football boots, we are still waiting to see him in a pair of Nike Tiempo‘s. Hargreaves has been seen ever since the news was released (Read the story here) wearing Adidas Predators, and whilst he is at Bayern this season it seems this will continue.

It’s another slap in the face for global sportswear giant Nike in the latest battle of the big two, in a war which is becoming increasingly bitter and is now involving the players. Adidas must be cock-a-hoop at the moment, as Hargreaves is getting paid by Nike, but is still wearing Adidas football boots week in week out. Adidas sponsor Bayern and apparently have a deal that states their players must wear their football boots. Even when he plays for England, there is the corkscrew-crimped player in the Predators again – begging the question, does he really want to wear Nike, when all his excellent performances have come in Adidas football boots? Footballers are a superstitious bunch, and if Hargreaves becomes too attached to his Adidas football boots his Nike deal may test his resolve.

Good news for Nike – at last!

Nike will have one eye on next season, which should see Hargreaves switching to Nike sponsored Manchester United. So it may have to be next season that we see the Nike sponsored player start earning his fee and actually wearing Nike football boots!

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