The Portuguese Football League has received complaints from a group of colour blind people, who claim they cannot distinguish the orange football from the green grass, making it extremely difficult to follow matches, both live and on television.

Orange Liga Sagres adidas Jabulani Football

The neon-orange adidas Jabulani was approved by the PFL after the World Cup, taking pride in the completely unique colour scheme.

Now it seems that the Jaulani‘s flight in the air isn’t the only thing that’s about to make a rapid change:

”As soon as they were aware of this situation, the League spoke to the manufacturer of the ball and will request, if the claims are true, for the colour of the ball to be changed” said a source from the Clubs League, adding ”all available and possible technical and human conditions must be created so that all fans and citizens can enjoy football.”

And to think the players at the World Cup were complaining – At least they could actually see the ball!

It is thought the Jabulani will be changed to a lighter colour as soon as November.

Not to sound overly harsh – but why go for a bright orange ball in the first place? It’s not like there’s constantly snow on the pitches all season long in Iberia!

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  1. says: NP9

    This is an awesome design for matches played while snowing, however, it’s not nice to play with it the complete season. Go for the White one until then please.

  2. says: Fifinho

    what about a traditional white but with the “rings” on the Jabulani orange instead to maintain a sense of individuality?

    P.S. Ed, “….that the Jaulani’s flight….” should be Jabulani right? haha just checking

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