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Whilst the £100 million plus Kaka deal may be dead in the water, it’s another approach made by Manchester City that has got my head spinning. Nigel de Jong is currently at Hamburg whom he cost £1.2 million when he signed from Ajax in 2006. He has a clause in his contract which will allow him to leave this summer provided someone bids £1.8 million. And so how much have City offered the German club? Somewhere between £14 and £18 million pounds. That could work out at nearly £16million extra just to have de Jong for the next 4 months. That is one hell of a subsidy, representing an increase in value of the player of 1500 per cent during a global economic melt down. Is de Jong 15 times the player he was when Hamburg signed him less than 3 years ago? Of course not. Are City going money mad? It seems so.

Bottle bank

Still on Manchester City, the club’s executive chairman Garry Cook has accused AC Milan of ‘bottling it’ over the proposed Kaka transfer. How so I wonder? Yes, the player was clearly for sale so one can only deduce that the final decision was his and his alone. In the end, he decided Eastlands wasn’t for him despite the riches on offer. Meanwhile, Milan have kept their most influential player and their fans, who campaigned for the move to be halted, have got their way. The upshot is that there’s bound to be a real feeling of well being the next time Milan’s players run out at the San Siro and that can only be immensely positive for the club. In the meantime, City have ended up with loads of less than flattering headlines and Craig Bellamy. Are you sure that it’s Milan that’s bottled it Garry?

The 20 minuters

Fans of Blackadder (series 4) will know that the 20 minuters were first World War rookie pilots, so called because their chances of survival after take off bordered on the Paris Hilton…..slim and ridiculous. But now Fifa boss Sepp Blatter has raised the question of resurrecting the term proposing 20 minute half time breaks. One of the reasons put forward (and I kid you not) is to allow players to have more time to access dressing rooms positioned a fair distance from the pitch. Player welfare you see and absolutely nothing to do with commercial TV companies slipping in an extra advert break!

Told you

Three weeks ago I mentioned that the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea should be looking over their shoulders at Manchester United who were making a habit of doing just enough in games and recording 1 – 0 wins at nearly every turn. Today, United are top of the table after winning their last 2 league games 1 – 0 and er, 1 – 0. Now, no-one likes a smart arse so let’s just keep that between us shall we?

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  1. In my opinion it is time for Kaka to leave AC Milan, but not to a team like Manchester City (with all my respect to City fans), he should go to Real Madrid or Barcelona or Arsenal, imaging a midfield with Fabregas and Kaka?

    “Player welfare you see and absolutely nothing to do with commercial TV companies slipping in an extra advert break!”

    Off course not, money is not important in football anymore. YEAH RIGHT!

  2. says: kevin

    Kaka should leave ac now, but my reason is that what more can he acomplish other than become captain. Im a gunner so I would definately like to see a quality footballer like kaka their beefing up the midfield.
    The extra break who knows. My opinion is that the game is beautiful the way it is so why change it.
    Manchester did manage to sneak their way back up to the top of the standings.

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