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Around 40% of tickets for the World Cup remain unsold even though the tournament is only 4 months away. The reason is pretty obvious – it’s just too expensive.

Part of awarding a major tournament like this to any country should be on the understanding that they will guarantee that hotels, airlines, taxi’s and car hire companies will not raise their prices to exorbitant levels. Clearly this hasn’t happened here. Additionally, and please explain this to me, but I know of at least 2 friends who’ve applied for tickets only to be told that none are available. Bonkers!

Gamble on Theo

I know there are probably better candidates out there at the moment but I really hope that Fabio Capello takes Theo Walcott to the World Cup. The young Arsenal winger’s season has been blighted by injury and he’s only made a handful of starts but he showed glimpses of what he can do in Arsenal’s 2 – 0 win over Sunderland at the weekend with Capello watching from the stands.

I just get the feeling that if England need a goal with 20 minutes left in a crucial game, sending Walcott on to run at a tiring defence could be the way to open the door. And, unlike Sven who took Walcott to the last World Cup then decided not to risk him, even against the Swede’s whose defence had an average age of about 104, I’d certainly give him a go.

Blue boy

Once a blue, always a blue. The bold claim made by a young Wayne Rooney who, promptly on hitting the big time, left Everton for Manchester United. Not that you could blame him. I’m sure you will have noticed the similarities to the Rooney situation now that Everton have another young star in the making in Jack Rodwell.

For all Everton fans at least, I hope David Moyes can back up his claims that the club is ‘big enough’ to keep Jack Rodwell and that they have learnt from the way they lost Rooney.

The Spanish Greeny

I was in Spain this weekend and driving down the AP7 motorway, I turned on the radio to listen to the Real Madrid v Villarreal match. As I did so, the commentator was gabbling at a million miles and hour and sounded like he was close to exploding with excitement. Training my well tuned Spanish ear (not), I tried to work out what was going on.

The answer – Madrid had just come out for the warm up. I do fear for that commentator’s health bearing in mind he then had to go on and describe and 8 goal thriller. Give me Alan Green or Mike Ingham anyday.

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  1. says: Kyle

    I’m with you on Walcott, Andy, I think he’s always been in Capello’s plans since that hat-trick versus Croatia.

    Speaking of Croatia – did anyone see Slavan Bilic on Match of the Day 2? How weird was that!?

    Also, normally wouldn’t do this, but your descripion of the Spanish Commentator reminded me of this on the Simpsons…

  2. says: Fuzzy

    I don’t agree with you I’m afraid, I would much rather take Beckham, Young, Milner and Joe Cole, as well as Lampard, Gerrard and Barry. I would also take 5 strikers, and they would be Rooney, Defoe, Crouch, Carlton Cole and Bent. Controversial maybe but Heskey won’t score goals, and Milner, Joe Cole and Beckham are more versatile than Walcott, and Young’s better at set pieces. If you want a fast player to rip open defences in the dying moments of a game, then take Agbonlahor instead of Carlton Cole.

  3. says: Mati

    2010 could be the best ever, or a total disaster (vuvuzela being the least of my worries).

    its just not going right for theo atm, and i doubt he’s got that big game temprament. that inflated run vs liverpool was only so good when the aging hyypia tripped mascherano over. i think masche would have caught up eventually, but who knows.

    commentry depends on what your ear is used to. i’d take the spanish over andy gray any day, in fact everyday! if rodwell’s goal was a “show of excellent ball control” what do you call barcelona week in week out?

  4. says: misterbroom12

    As a huge Arsenal fan from the states, it pains me to disagree with you on England bringing Walcott. I love the kid and the pace he can provide which always causes problems for defences, but he can’t play that final ball. No matter what it is, cross, cut-back, or shot, he can’t produce a quality ball of any sort when it comes to that final moment.

  5. says: John

    Fuzzy ~ “…If you want a fast player to rip open defences in the dying moments of a game, then take Agbonlahor instead of Carlton Cole.”

    Uhh Agbonlahor is Egyptian, not English.

  6. says: keeps

    John, correction: according to his ancestry agbonlahor can play for nigeria or scotland, but was born in England and chose to play for his homeland

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