oh kay andy kay 1st FebruaryJohn Terry – England captain?

John Terry let his Umbro Speciali ‘Tailored’ football boots do the talking on the pitch over the weekend but off it, the mass media debate continues about his role as England captain after his affair was discovered with Wayne Bridge’s ex girlfriend. One imagines that Fabio Capello will strip him of the job. If the famously disciplinarian Italian can rebuke his players for being late for team meetings or using a mobile phone during lunch, you’d imagine that do the dirty on your wife and two kids might result in punitive action.

There is of course an argument that what you do in your private life shouldn’t affect your treatment at work. But when it comes to being captain of England and all the job entails, even minor misdemeanours or indiscretions will count heavily against you. Additionally, one has to ask if Terry can retain the respect of his fellow professionals. Certainly, any pre-match rallying call he may come up with, asking the lads to ‘stick together and fight for each other’ might sound somewhat hollow now.

Togo ban

Sometime you do have to wonder about the people running football. Certainly, the men who control CAF. Having seen the Africa Cup of Nations start with a terrorist attack on the Togo team which left 3 people dead, CAF has seen it fit to ban Togo from the next two tournaments.

The punishment has been dished out because Togo left Angola and withdrew from the competition at the behest of their head of state. CAF sees this as political interference which is against Fifa and CAF rules. What an insult to the memory of the three men killed in the attack and affront to all right thinking individuals. The Togo players returned home to mourn their comrades and this is how they get treated in return. It is nothing short of a disgrace.

There for all to see

The Sunday afternoon Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United was shown in 3D. Trouble was, the Gunners turned in a performance worthy only of a B movie horror! As for their title aspirations, they’ve been damaged, dented and derailed. Another type of 3D.

Rangers farce

As a QPR fan, I can only despair with the goings on at Loftus Road at the moment. We’ve got through more managers than the worst performing branch of McDonalds and we lost again this weekend, beaten by lowly Scunthorpe. Indeed, one could term the events at the club as a ‘car crash’. Although, with Flavio Briatore in charge, that’s probably not the best choice of words.

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  1. says: martincillo

    “Additionally, one has to ask if Terry can retain the respect of his fellow professionals”.

    Thats the point, and he is loosing sponsorship, first, the extra money, and now this.

  2. says: Hugh

    CAF are absolutely disgraceful!! especially as there is a rule that states if a serious enough situation has occured then the team may quit the competition. How stupid is football going to get??? I love the beautiful game but this really is over stepping the line by a long way, all the debt, from top and bottom rate clubs, money becoming the main factor in everything a footballer does. Money is to blame for the Henry handball, money is to blame for the predictable Premier League top 4 over the past decade and yes money is the reason any team has a chance of breaking into the top 4, Liverpool dont have the money and other teams do. Teams in debt, including my team West Ham should be banned from transfers untill the owners can prove that there is a solution or in the Man UTD case untill the debt is considerably reduced…. However CAF banning Togo is an absolute disgrace and I, personally, despite being English am insulted as a football fan that a football governing body would do something like this, it is shocking!!

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