Andy kay on rooney, ronaldo, king and mourinhoRooney throws it all away

In what direction Wayne Rooney threw the ball in the dying minutes of the game against Fulham and to what United player it landed closest to matters not, even if paid United ‘mouth’ Paddy Crerand would have you believe otherwise. Any impartial observer could see that the England striker wasn’t merely returning the ball to a team mate, but that he was showing dissent to the referee for not allowing United to take a free kick from an incorrect position. It was the manner in which he threw the ball combined with the look of fury on his face. Simply put, if you’ve just been booked, don’t do anything that gives the match officials the opportunity of wrongly interpreting it. Rooney did and paid the price.

United cry foul

Still with United, the club has demanded more protection for Cristiano Ronaldo after claiming that he is the most fouled player in the Premier League. However, the facts don’t back that up as recent research shows that it is in fact Bolton’s Kevin Davies who has been on the receiving end of most foul tackles this season. Ronaldo comes 4th on the list having been fouled a total of 64 times which equates to approximately 2.5 fouls per game. And there’s bound to be some who feel that’s nowhere near enough!

King’s ransom

Fabio Capello’s call up for Ledley King was a strange one. The Spurs defender, who spent less than a day with the England squad, has a chronic knee injury which means he hardly ever trains. If he does so or actually plays a game, his knee swells up and he’s virtually immobile for a week. So the chances of him playing a meaningful, active part in any future tournament seem remote at best. If meanwhile England ever need to call on King as an emergency, it would surely be better to do so with him having received the best care and attention at his club. Weird.

Mourinho the mouth

Over in Italy, Jose Mourinho’s latest outburst has got the great and good in Serie A in to a terrific state. Mourniho has asserted that many Italian coaches are influenced in team selection by their club President’s. Massimiliano Allegri, the Cagliari manager, responded by calling the former Chelsea man “pathetic”. Others were quick to weigh in too. Renzo Ulivieri, president of the Italian Football Coaches Association, said Mourinho “had gone too far” while Carlo Ancelotti said that “to step on other coaches shows a lack of respect.” Oh Jose, come back soon. I do miss you!

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  1. says: Fenboy

    Have to agree with you Andy. Rooney’s actions may have been totally innocent but he gave the ref the opportunity to make a judgement call.

    It probably didn’t help that United were pretty petulant during the whole game.

  2. says: Kyle

    Yeah I’m with you and Andy on this, Fenboy. Rooney’s a fiery player, it what makes him who he is. But when you’re on a second Yellow you really can’t lose your cool like that.

    Also – you really have to hand it to Mourinho, he knows exactly how to rub people the wrong way. With guys like Burlusconi running clubs it’s obviously a sketchy issue for some clubs, but that doesn’t bother our Jose!

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