oh kay andy kay 12th OctPunk’d Rio

Many of you will remember that some years ago, Rio Ferdinand made a TV series. In a nutshell, this short collection of films involved the Manchester United defender playing tricks on his England colleagues, causing them huge embarrassment in front of a world wide audience. Bearing in mind his performances against Holland and latterly Ukraine, I’m wondering if Ferdinand has started filming a new series. I think we should be told.

Fergie Q and A

Question: Why did Sir Alex Ferguson feel the need to criticise referee Alan Wiley?

Answer: To deflect attention away from a shoddy United performance against Sunderland.

Question: Did it work?

Answer: Oh yes, hardly any newspapers wrote about the game after his post match rant.

Question: Do you think he’s honestly concerned about the fitness of officials?

Answer: No, nor do I.

Question: Why has Fergie now apologised, a week or so after making his allegations?

Answer: To try and offset any punishment he’s going to get.

Question: Should that make any difference?

Answer: None, the FA should come down on him like a ton of bricks and ban him from the touchline for 3 games at least.

Laptop England

As one of my mates put it on Saturday: “Andy, if I’m going to sit down in from of my computer for a couple of hours having paid £11.99 for the privilege, I’ll be watching a different type of entertainment as opposed to live football.” Slightly worrying I grant you but I know what he means.

england on the internet

Watching your national team play in a foreign land is not supposed to be a lonely experience. It’s to be shared with friends and family in a pub, club or at home. The internet is a fantastic tool (how else would you get to view Footy Boots?) but I can’t agree that it’s the future for live football. Surely the time has come for Fifa to step in and protect the viewing rights of the away team’s fans. International matches should be free to air. End of story.

Germany again

They always do it don’t they? Germany went to Russia for a crunch game this weekend, went down to 10 men but still came away with a 1 – 0 win which guarantees their participation in the World Cup finals next year. Indeed, the German’s haven’t missed a finals since 1950, reaching 11 semi’s in the process.

germany in the world cup

They maybe be England’s nemesis (please, please let’s not play them again and it come down to penalties) but a World Cup finals without Germany would be like Craig Bellamy without attitude, Fergie without a grudge or Gerrard without his Pred’s. Just unthinkable.

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