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Congratulations must go to Lionel Messi for not only his performance in the Uefa Champions League final but for also remembering the instructions of his adidas rep.

Having scored in the second half, Messi duly took off his new F30i and kissed it before celebrating with his team mates. Strange thing was though, being a header, the boot had nothing to do with the goal. Mind you, perhaps we should be thankful. If a headed goal was worth a kiss, we can only assume what he would have done with his new footwear if he’d cracked one in from 30 yards, although I imagine it’s probably illegal in some southern states of the USA!

GB football team

Having been to 3 Olympic Games, I’m delighted that GB will have a football team representing them in London in 2012. But what a shame that the side will be made up of English players only. Because of their political machinations, the neverwozzes that run the Scottish, Welsh and N. Irish FA’s wanted nothing to do with the event, preferring it seems, to restrict their young players to more hum-drum sporting endeavours.

So while their English counterparts will experience the Olympic village, mixing with other sportsmen and women, getting to grips with other cultures and traditions and becoming more rounded and enlightened individuals as a result, the Celts can rest easy that they’ve ‘won the day’ and that the Olympic ideal won’t impact on their introverted little lives.

Barry’s move

Gareth Barry’s move from Manchester City is an interesting one. On one hand, he’s set himself and his family up for life courtesy of his £130,000 per week wages whilst on the other; he’s joined a side that finished 10th in the table and won’t be involved in any European action next season unlike his old team.

It seems to me, he’s gone for potential rather than fact. Potentially, with a vast fortune behind them, City could begin to challenge the big four in the years to come and be part of a new look Premier League. However, they could just as easily go the other way and continue in mid-table mediocrity whoever they end up signing. Perhaps it might be simpler to look at it this way – if someone offered to triple your wages to do the same job as you’re doing now, would you turn them down? Well, would you?

Show me the money

Whilst you can make a case for Barry opting for the cash, the same cannot be said of a few of football’s governing bodies. That’s exactly the course the EPL, FA and SPL chose when they accepted bids from Setanta TV.

The Irish broadcaster flashed the readies and it was all too appealing for the suits to turn down. Shame they didn’t bother to look at Setanta’s business plan or projected audience figures because now they look to be in a whole heap of trouble. Having already failed in its attempt to get the EPL to defer a multi-million pound payment, this week the broadcaster defaulted on a £3m payment to the SPL. This may come as a surprise to you but you should bear in mind that the people that run Setanta think that Steve McManaman is a top pundit and that Craig Burley is a decent co-commentator. Perhaps it’s not overly hard to understand why they are knee deep in do-do after all.

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  1. says: John

    Hey, just to say that messi never actally ment to take his boot of in the final!, as he fell from the header and landed his boot fell off!

    1. says: Fenboy

      Hey John – 2 things on that:

      1)He still kissed it, spur of the moment or not.

      2)If his boot did fall off, perhaps they need to look at the lacing!

      Either way, I think this is a fun piece and very tongue in cheek.

  2. says: Jed

    “Setanta think that Steve McManaman is a top pundit”.

    Agree with your comment about McManaman.

    I’ve watched games on Setanta and cringe when we’re expected to listen to his so called ‘expert’ opinion.

    I say bring back Big Ron Atkinson!

  3. says: Kyle

    Great article as usual!

    I had no idea Setanta were in so much bother!

    I wonder where the right’s would go if they went under – Sky’s the obvious choice but would the monopoly commision have to prevent that move?

  4. says: eric

    and there not f30I there the f50;s but in blades because the differance between them is f50 is a stronger and tougher material so its the F50 in blades

  5. says: Boot sniper

    I expected much better from a website based on boots. To think that Messi (one of the best players on earth) would actually wear the lesser model of the Tunit line is rediculous. If you open your eyes you can clearly tell that they are specially made F50s wih a molded blade plate.

  6. says: Jo

    Ze Roberto for bayern wore the F30s a few years back. My bros got a bayern calender and on the ze roberto photo you can see the F30 print on the sole of the shoe (sorry cant find a photo) so maybe messi is actually wearing the F30s not F50s with blades

  7. says: Tracedogg

    yeah messi wears specially made F30s

    and the article is a disgrace, as usual typical english ignorance and thinking you are superior to everyone, none of the other countrys like you you bunch of idiots.

    ‘the Celts can rest easy that they’ve ‘won the day’ and that the Olympic ideal won’t impact on their introverted little lives’

    introverted lives?… sorry but english people are clueless about scotland wales and ireland, they are completely ignorant to any country other than their own

    dont think ive listened to a game commentated by john motson that he hasn’t mentioned 1966.

    1. says: Fenboy

      Tracedogg – I would suggest that your rabid response to this article merely backs up Andy’s point. The non participation by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is more about politics and ‘chips on shoulders’ than it is about sport.

      Surely you agree that exposing young Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish players to an experience that is the Olympics would only improve their prospects later in their careers.

      As for this article being anti Celtish, I think you are reading far too much in to it. It’s certainly having a go at the administrators but as for having a pop at the nations as a whole….I don’t think so.

  8. says: number 14

    Messi does where f30s cause they are lighter than f50s and they are not as much of a hassle. he sponsors the f50s though.

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