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I have to admit to being shocked by the number of comments on this site that describe Thierry Henry’s handball against the Republic of Ireland as accidental and that the entire affair is ‘part of the game’ and was the ref’s fault anyway. May be it is and may be it was but neither makes it right or acceptable. But rather than bang on about the actual incident, let’s instead turn our attention to the views of Roy Keane.

Boy, can this man hold a grudge. Commenting on the game, Keane used the same argument as he did after his premeditated assault on Alf Inge Haaland, that of ‘what goes round, comes round’. Ireland’s exit you see, was the fault of the FAI, a body that Keane has never seen eye to eye with as was demonstrated by his decision to walk out on his country at the World Cup in 2002. But even that was bettered when Keane stated that Ireland were responsible for the goal themselves after failing to clear the French free kick. I’m sure this is exactly the kind of advice that Trapattoni and his men wanted to hear, particularly from a man who has taken a once competitive side and led them to second from bottom in the Championship with a goal difference of -11.

Fergie’s players

Sir Alex Ferguson will always stick up for his players. When they’ve played well, he tells them so. When they’ve played badly, he deflects attention by blaming the officials, the ball, his team’s kit or even the low pressure system over Manchester which played havoc with Gary Neville’s ability to cross the ball (OK, possibly not the last one).

So with 5 of his team certain of a place in England’s World Cup squad and few more on the cusp, it’s strange to hear him say that England hasn’t got a chance of winning in South Africa, even if it may be true. That said, Ferguson bases his analysis on the fact that so few of England’s players have Champions League experience and on that he’s bang on. As Fergie points out , last season there were 103 Brazilians playing in the Champions League and only 15 Englishmen. Perhaps that is why he’s making Brazil his World Cup favourites.

Not in the zone

Just as the England rugby union manager Martin Johnson has stuck with a captain that many feel isn’t up to the job, so Rafael Benitez has stuck with the system of zonal marking. Just one question, why?

liverpool marking

Liverpool have been particularly frail at set pieces this season and they were at it again on Saturday against Manchester City. When Emmanuel Adebayor rose unchallenged to nod in a 70th minute equaliser, I was closer to the City player than any Liverpool defender….and I was watching the game in Spain!

Burley’s up’s and down’s

There was a report in a UK newspaper recently showing the highs and lows of George Burley’s reign as Scotland manager.

Rather than a chronological review of his time in charge, I would have thought it could have been written thus:

Highs: Got the job.

Lows: Started the job.

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  1. says: Theo

    another funny one. but really, Roy Keane is a strange character… even as a United supporter I never understood him fully.

    Liverpool are done. Torres needs to find another team before his price tag gets marked down! Rise of Tottenham? Just kidding. Tottenham is always *****

  2. says: Duberry

    Keano was without doubt a top player but he does carry a grudge.

    He’s talking sense in as much as the Henry goal could have been defended better, but it still doesn’t get over the fact that Ireland are out of the WC due to cheating.

  3. says: Joey

    it says that only 15 englishmen played in the champions league last year. Good thing only 11 england players will be on the field in South Africa. As long as the first 11 have the experience, who really cares bout the rest?

  4. says: Mati

    about the the henry issue, true. to each his own. and i apologise for my last entry.

    as with zonal marking, i think the liverpool players fail to actually do it rather than the system being flawed. gotta respect rafa’s ingenuity. maybe one day he’ll get the best of babel and bench lucas for aquilani

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