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From the public statements made by Fifa president Sepp Blatter it looks increasingly likely that 5 officials will be used for each game at next summer’s World Cup in South Africa.

The system is currently being trialled in the Europa League where it has been met with mixed reviews.

Incredibly, Blatter still refuses to acknowledge that video technology is the way forward saying that as yet it isn’t sophisticated enough to be relied upon.

A shot of Blatter in action taken by a camera….see Sepp, they do work!

This is despite sports such as tennis and cricket using existing technology to make exactly the kind of calls that Blatter argues are impossible in football. Surely if Hawk-Eye can be trusted to track the trajectory of a tennis ball moving at around 150mph, the same system could be used to ascertain if a very much bigger spherical object, moving much slower, has crossed the goal-line or not?

Additionally, if a ‘5th official’ had been employed at the France v Republic of Ireland game and had been stationed at the far post, can we be sure that he would have seen the Henry handball incident with a goalkeeper, defender and goal frame in his line of sight? The cameras did – so let’s use them.

** Stop Press**

Fifa has decided at its EGM to use neither video technology or extra officials at the World Cup finals. Instead they’ve set up an inquiry. Anyone surprised? No, me neither.

Is the Ballon D’or just balls?

Early December must be a pretty depressing time to be a defender , more so if you happen to play for Portsmouth which must be relatively depressing all of the time! Certainly you can be pretty sure that however outstanding your performances have been over the past 12 months, when it comes to getting a sniff of the European Football of the Year award, you won’t get close.

Beckenbauer discusses his Ballon D’or success (or possibly his choice of wallpaper) with Dennis Tueart

Over the past 26 years only two defenders (Cannavaro and Beckenbaeur) have topped the poll. Of course, the vote is completely subjective and everyone is entitled to an opinion but it seems that those players who score goals have a huge advantage in this annual event over those who stop them.

Martinez mess

There is, apparently, no truth in the following rumour. When Wigan boss Roberto Martinez took the team’s first training session after their 9 – 1 humping at Spurs, he asked them to take up their normal positions. As such, they all stood behind the half way line and waited to kick off again!


All credit to Jimmy Bullard for his brilliantly orchestrated goal celebration at the weekend. His re-creation of the famous City of Manchester, Phil Brown on-pitch half time rant was simply sensational. It made a refreshing change to watching players sprint up the touchline, kissing the badge.

jimmy bullard goal celebration

Crowd favourite, Jimmy Bullard

Bullard should immediately be installed as the new favourite for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award, the Ballon D’or should be shelved in favour of the C'©l'©bration de but de l’ann'©e trophy while badge-kissing should automatically result in a 3 match ban.

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  1. says: Kyle

    Well if you’re going to use the word ‘Personality’ in the title of an award, Jimmy Bullard’s a de facto nominee, surely!?

  2. says: Jaspi

    Hawk-eye has it’s faults too.
    Infact, there have been numerous miscalls with Hawk-eye on the tennis courts. There have even been cases where both of the players have seen the ball drop on the line, but the hawk-eye has judged it out (for example match/set balls where to call hawk-eye is the last resort for the player who has lost the set/match), but this is not the point. Football is not a game like tennis where there are logic moments to challenge a call(after the point or the ball and play is stopped). It’s not just a question of should or should we not use cameras. It is a question of when and how? Should it be like in tennis/NFL where there’s a certain amount of challenges for a team to use, or is it for the referee to decide when to use the replay. Either way, there is a lot of problems with both of the solutions (when can one challenge the ref, can you challenge the ref on every call he makes, when should the ref stop the play etc.).

    Ballon d’Or, well, isn’t this the case in football in general: defenders, the unsung heroes of the game. Surely, anyone who watched the ManU – Spurs Carling cup match would agree that Nemanja Vidic was outstanding, I would go as far as naming him Man of the match. Still, the headlines were about Gibson.
    When a defender tackles the ball away or blocks a shot, people might applaud him but the play continues. When a striker scores, the play stops, the cameras zoom on him as he celebrates, the goal is immediately shown on replay and in few minutes it will be on youtube. If a defender makes a mistake, it always looks bad and in the worst case results in a goal, but if a striker makes a mistake like shoots wide it’s applauded and considered as a good try.

    Finally, Jimmy Bullard, what more is there to say? A class act.

  3. says: Hugh

    Jaspi, just because both players think it has hit the line doesnt mean it has hit the line… Believe me, Hawk Eye doesn’t get it wrong. You in fact have just proved the point that the human eye is not perfect because fortunately Hawk eye is…

    It would be simple enough to make rules. Each team captain can choose to challenge up to 3 calls that a referee makes and the referee is able to refer to the cameras 3 times so that stoppages would not be too much of a problem.

    These “challenges” can be made when a red card or a yellow card has been given, a penalty decision or a direct free kick has been given.If the ref makes the wrong decision after referring to the video then he should be banned for three games.

  4. says: Hugh

    Also, the headlines were about Gibson because of the stick Fergies young guns got against Besiktas by the way. But otherwise I do agree that defenders are the unsung heroes but isnt that part of being a defender????

  5. says: ill-d

    i totally agree with the usage of instant replay cameras in officiating games. calls (or uncalls, in the case of france vs ireland) would be GREATLY decreased.

    i have said this before, but ill say it again. give each team two “challenges” in which they can use during the game. if an important call is not made or a bad call is made, let the team be able to use a challenge, in which the refs will watch instant replay to determine if the call stands or not.

    it seems only fair.

    im sure there are plently of situations i havn’t thought thru utilizing this sort of team challenges, but even still if technology exists to make the game as fair as possible, why not use it? other sports do, and i would have to think technology has helped in making fair calls moreso than it has hindered.

  6. says: kwins

    the idea of challenges sounds bad to me. having a ref go off the field to look at a replay reminds me too much of american football.

  7. says: Henry

    Replay should only be used if the result of a play is a goal. haweye and video cameras could be used. when a goal is scored and play stops, if there is any doubt it could be reviewed. if there is any doubt the bal crossed the line hawkeye could be used

  8. says: Jaspi


    it’s not a case of believing here, there have been lots of cases in tennis where Hawk-eye has been wrong, cases where Hawk-eye has put the ball tens of centimeters off. People on the stadium, the chair umpire have seen and tv-footage (slow motion replay) has shown the ball wide but hawk-eye still has still put it in. Computers aren’t perfect.

    Also, the idea of challenging red/yellow cards is bizarre. A lot of times, it’s a matter of referee’s interpretation. And when would the play be stopped after a challenge has been made; right after the alleged foul or after the attacking team has lost the ball? There are all this questions, each of them having their own problems.

  9. says: sam

    i think unless u are beckenbauer or canna, a defender will find it hard because they only wait for the attackers to come. attackers have to create break down a defensive wall. defenders jus swat the attacks away. there s a difference. so unless u r the kaiser who was a playmaker from the back or canna who was a one man defence at times, its gonna be hard. they just have to be content that without them their own attackers have no option to attack

  10. says: Hugh

    fair enuff, i see where u coming from but i watch a lot of tennis and have never seen a mistake made by hawk eye.

    I personally think that having a human referee reffing a game adds to the controversy and maybe video tech shud only be used for international cup/qualifying competitions because of the long wait imbetween the comps. I spose it would be hard and should definitely be trialed before used because there are bound to be a lot of mistakes with the rules if it ever happens

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