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Whilst it’s completely understandable for clubs to get very hot under the collar after losing a player they have spotted and nurtured to a rival, I do find it extraordinary that they all seem to play the ‘contract’ card. Of course, if a youngster is under contract to a club, that club should be suitable rewarded if he’s wanted by another party.

However, contracts themselves have been largely worthless in football for years. How many times have we seen a club employ a new manager on a 3 year deal, only for the bloke to be shown the door after a few months, all be it with a bit of compo? Or the player who signs a 4 year deal and is then shipped off to another side when a younger, more impressive individual comes along? Just as Chelsea have been found guilty of wrongdoing, so all of football is just as guilty for making the contract nothing more than an administrative tool.

Bilic on Eduardo

Slaven Bilic has been talking a good game ahead of Croatia’s World Cup qualifier against England at Wembley and has also gone out of his way to offer his backing to under-fire striker Eduardo. Bilic said: “He knows that he is 100 per cent honest. He knows that he did nothing wrong.”

Sorry Slaven, but that’s just pish. Eduardo dived for Arsenal versus Celtic. You know it, he knows it and we know it. Whilst there are many, myself included, who think that Eduardo’s punishment is far too excessive, what Bilic should have said is “What Eduardo did, every other player in the professional game has also done many times over.” At least he’d have a few more people on his side that way.

England expects

It’s hard to believe that 22 months ago, England fans watched dumbfounded as Steve McLaren stood under his brolly as England failed to qualify for the European Championships. Tonight, they have a chance to reach the World Cup finals with a bit to spare.

You have to say that Capello has done a masterful job but..it’s just so un-English isn’t it? We’re used to final game heroics, bloodied last ditch performances by the likes of Butcher and Ince and even other teams needing to do us a favour. This qualifying with ease lark.I’m not sure I’ll be able to get used to it.

Becks not counting on County

Most pointless headline of the week has to be: “Beckham rules out Notts County move.” Due respect to Sven’s new men but as if a current England player would consider a move to League Two. Which got me thinking about other headlines that should also be given short thrift. Stuff like:

Supermodel falls on catwalk. There was definitely contact with a stray piece of glitter says agent.

I have dived in an attempt to win, admits Tom Daley.

Warnock unhappy with (…………….). Insert name of referee, opposition player, opposition manager, Football League as appropriate.

Heskey replaced at half time. Obviously.

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  1. says: Fenboy

    Agree with you Andy, I used to love the do or die, last gasp decider that England used to be involved with every 2 years or so.

    Probably ended up smoking more in one night than Bilic!

  2. says: Kyle

    Agreed, Slaven Bilic is fast becoming the biggest Hypocrite in European football.

    You’ve got to love Capello’s statement today, thanking Bilic for saving him the job of motivating the players.

    Fabio’s a mastermind on the pitch, behind the scenes and in the mind!

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