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Rob Styles has apologised to Bolton after erroneously awarding a penalty to Manchester United in the Premier League game between the two sides at the weekend. The fact that he’s said sorry shows he’s got a bit of character about him. As a result of holding his hands up, Styles will ref the game between Spurs and Hull City on Sunday. There will be some who think Styles should be dropped from the EPL fixture list and demoted to a game of lesser importance, although try telling the supporters of say Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United, who also meet on Sunday, that they’re less important than Tottenham and Tigers fans! The old adage suggests that when you fall off a horse, you should get straight back on. Styles isn’t the best in the top flight and he’s made some howlers of late but he doesn’t cock up on purpose and until the PGMOB come up with a superior replacement (and a better name for themselves come to that), he should be allowed to get on with it.

Old refs

Mind you, talking of the men in black, do you remember the old days, when referee’s were part time, earned a few quid for taking charge of games and we, the fans, discussed appallingly bad decisions once in a blue moon? Good, wasn’t it?

Sol abuse

Last week, Footy Boots got on its high horse to complain about the pitiful fine handed down by Fifa to Croatia after the racist abuse suffered by Emile Heskey in Zagreb. This week, it isn’t racist abuse that’s hit the headlines, but the sickening homophobic chants aimed at Sol Campbell by Spurs fans. So, what will be done about it? Having lodged a complaint against the Croatian Football Federation, the FA and / or the PL can do nothing else apart from censure Tottenham, even though the club, like the Croatian football hierarchy, aren’t directly responsible for the actions of their cretinous fans. It is, however, the only language these idiots understand. Just as Croatia should be playing their next two home games behind closed doors, so Spurs supporters, if indeed that’s what they are, should be banned from attending their side’s next two away games. And should they get uppity about it, then perhaps we should ask the question why didn’t they sort it out themselves at the time? Hampshire police decided not to move in because of the sheer number of people involved. The ‘it wasn’t me Guv’ argument just doesn’t wash here.


The mega rich owners of Queens Park Rangers, not content with charging some supporters £50 to watch a Championship game, are now considering changing the name of the club to Queens Park City. The idea, so I’m led to believe, is to reinforce with outsiders the club’s geographical location within London.'  Now you’d have thought, having been formed in 1882, that most football followers would have gathered by now that QPR have done and still do play their home matches in the capital city. Perhaps Bernie and Flavio’s jet-set Formula 1 mates are the ones in the dark? It brings to mind Jeff Stelling’s top line from Gillette Soccer Saturday a few years back. After another big win for Total Network Solutions, Stelling marked the achievement with the now immortal phrase “and they’ll be dancing in the streets of TNS tonight.” Brilliant.

Styles – ish Ferguson

One last point on Rob Styles and his performance at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Before the game – Fergie has a go at him and demands protection for his players.

During the game – Man Utd get a non existent penalty awarded to them.

After the game – Fergie commiserates with Bolton boss Gary Megson about the injustice of it all.

You have to hand it to Sir Alex. Love him or hate him……he’s a genius.

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