In business, having a good idea isn’t a guarantee of success. Being forward thinking, innovative and creative are all great qualities, but in the end, it all comes down to the bottom line.

So it’s with a tinge of sadness that Footy Boots can confirm that Nomis, as a worldwide entity, has gone under, a fact that was confirmed to us in the last 24 hours.

Rumours of the company’s demise started to surface in mid-November when the Nomis distributor in New Zealand announced a closing down sale.

nomis closing down

As news spread that some staff at their Head Office in Switzerland had been made redundant, the Nomis page on Wikipedia was updated to read:

the demise of nomis Nomis is no longer in New Zealand, Europe or the United Kingdom. Unfortunately the company has recently gone bankrupt.

As of now, the company websites in Germany and the UK no longer work although is still functioning although there is no reference on it as to their financial plight. In fact, the operation in Australia is still in business and the company says it is looking forward to future opportunities there.

Having fallen foul of the economic climate, it will hit no-one harder than founder Simon Skirrow.

nomis founder simon skirrow

A former big-wig at adidas and co-creator of the original Predator, Skirrow was a visionary in the industry, always seeming to put the punter first. He came up with some ground breaking technology such as ‘Wet Control’ and ‘nomud’ and the company’s expertise with leather and K-leather was right up there with the very best.

This was confirmed when they came out with the NXGEN Spark, the first football boot to take small runs of customised, fully didgitised, hi-resolution designs direct onto a leather surface under the patented Dual Control grip enhancing treatment.

nomis nxgen spark

Admittedly, the design in the demo model wasn’t to everyone’s liking but the technology was unique and at that stage looked to point to a rosy future.

Speaking to exclusively to Footy Boots, Skirrow said:

the demise of nomis My major regret is disappointment for the staff, many of whom put in a great deal of time and effort following the dream.

At Footy Boots, we were always quite big fans of Nomis and their staff as they didn’t just simply follow trends being more concerned with offering quality and value for money. They didn’t sign up big name ambassadors (though that’s a decision that might look a bit sick right now) as Skirrow always wanted to plough as much money in to research and development as opposed to a few players’ pockets.

Hindsight though is a wonderful thing. For nomud you can now read noNomis. And that’s a real shame.


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