The Nomis Glove is a football boot that stands up against the best in the market, but doesn’t always get it’s fair share of attention.

Nomis Glove football boots

A relative newcomer to the football boot market (since 2002), Nomis have been coming up with some interesting features. “No Mud Technology” “Wet Control” “Dry Control“. Is it all talk? We found out.

Nomis Glove

Out of the box, this football boot looks attractive, but it’s not just the looks that capture your attention, its the football boot texture.

Handling the Nomis GloveWet Technology“, you realise that the K Leather is remarkably soft, but also feels ‘sticky’. A sticky football boot?

We dragged the football boot upper across a football and the football boot really does grip the ball. We couldn’t wait to try this football boot on a pitch.

Testing the Nomis Glove

On a wet, cold, English day, with a soaked pitch, we tested the Nomis Glove. We were using the firm ground, bladed football boot, so the football boots were really under pressure.

These football boots are relatively light, slipping them on they ooze comfort. We were not disappointed when we started to run in them either.

A few keep me ups and you can tell that the ball does offer grip to the football boot.

Sprinting in the Nomis Glove, the football boots are lightweight, so no problem there. Using blades in these conditions is tricky though as the surface is incredibly wet and boggy. However, it will let us test the “No Mud” technology.

Nomis claim the “No Mud” technology can reduce mud sticking to the outsole by up to 70%. In our tests, we think 70% is a rather high, but the football boots did help stop the mud sticking – remarkable!

Comparing the Nomis Glove, we were using Mercurial Vapors (blades) and the Adidas Predator Power, with the bladed clip in stud.

Shooting, passing etc. the Nomis Glove did well, the tacky feel to the upper aids your control of the football boot. The “Wet Control” really seems to work. As the football boot becomes wet, the K leather seems to get stickier, giving you increased feel on the ball.


It’s rare that a football boot makes us feel that there are significant advances in technology, but the Nomis Glove did just that.

We’d recommend you give this football boot a try.

Good job Nomis!

See the Nomis Glove Boot Test with Perry Groves.

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  1. says: rezaldinho

    I posted a few weeks ago, sort of complaining on the new Ronaldinho boots, due to them ripping after the first time worn!

    So back to they shop they went, when I got asked if I wanted money back or the same football boot, I asked for the same boot, because I couldn’t go bootless. But, they didn’t have them in stock in that store, so they asked me if I could walk to their main shop, which is much bigger. That was about 5 minutes away!

    So I did. Once there I knew my football boots, new 7.5 Ronaldinho Tiempos were waiting for me behind the till! While knowing that, I had a quick look at the vast majority of football boots they did there, and I was shockingly surprised to see a pair of Nomis‘s among them. I saw and heard about the amazing technology in the football boots, especially the wet control ones. To be honest at one stage I wanted to get them, but sizing and the actual truth about them was hard, because I would buy them on just my meer judgment over the net! So seing them in real-life and actually testing them was superb! So i decided to get the Nomis instead!!

    And these were the Nomis Glove ones, the total blackouts, which by the way look amazing. Anyway when I asked for a size 7.5 due to 7 being just perfect, and with football boots you want them a bit big dont you, they said they didnt have any in stock and probably wont get any till April!!

    Now I was devastated, so I went home empty handed disappointed, but this time after knowing what size I needed and seeing that the technology actually worked, I could order them from the internet – for about 30 pounds cheaper!

    But, and here is the problem, say just down to my luck somthing goes wrong with the footy boots, it’s not likely that the shop will take it back, and with everything being done over email and internet, means it would take years to get a new pair! But with a shop you could go to, it’s a sort of guarantee! So right now i’m thinking of just going to the shop and just getting the size 7! It’s going to strech I hope!! But I really dont know, but like the technology is really amazing, though I ain’t actually tested it on a pitch, just by feeling it in the store it was amazing!

  2. says: sss84

    Hi, I play footy about 4 times a week, that’s including two 90 minute matches on weekends. I have always bought Adidas Predator or Copa Mundials depending on the conditions, i.e winter or summer surfaces.

    I play centre mid and my team mate who plays next to me in the middle wears Vapors. He was loving wearing them and looking good. However, after the first few games his football boot had cuts in the material where he had slid or was tackled. He took his footy boots back but they will not return it, due to it being a ‘professional boot’, as stated by shop assistant.

    It apparently is designed for one match per pair. So if you have got loads of money or Nike sponsorship continue, but if you can’t afford a new pair every week don’t.

    I recently got a pair of Nomis boots. They are amazing football boots. Strength of a Predator boots but weight and slickness of a f50+ football boot, trust me on this they are amazing footy boots. Got them off the internet so its difficult if they fall apart but seriously they grip the ball and are proper strong.

    1. says: Nike Rush

      you can use black adidas leather balsam… this has no brand its just a cream out of an adidas bottle.. you can get some of this at! it is black so just wipe it on then wipe it off then its pure white.

      Heres the site..
      http://www. /IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=1005&pcount=&Product_Id=304561
      Just copy and paste it to the URL and theres your site.

  3. says: anton

    These football boots are awesome, so comfortable from the first session. I’m a right back and they feel solid in the tackle, good strike zone and look cool. Lua Lua has just gone over to Nomis and had a blinder against Charlton in his first game wearing the ‘Nomis Spark Blue Wave’… Harry Kewell also headlines their website, he has worn mainly Adidas but also Nike so he must have switched for a reason! Highly recommended, the technology works. Wet Control made me feel more confident playing in bad conditions.

    PS meista you can? get a “booster cloth” for Nomis boots from their online shop; it removes dirt and keeps the material effective.

  4. says: Andrew

    i love the black and blue color!
    my name is andrew
    i come from scotland and love football
    i love to play midfield
    they call me the magician
    because of my tricks
    i play for a scotland youth team called spartans
    ive just started
    i scored six goals in my last two games
    my boots are the new Nike Total 90 Air Zoom
    they are amazin
    should i continue with nike or go for nomis

  5. says: Shawnaldinho

    I recently bought the Nomis Glove boots and was really disapointed in them , first of all there is no way you could use them on astroturf with the rubber bits as its just too much grip (which is possible) they also feel very spongy when you play with them in the wet.

    I would personally stick with Nike Vapours or Adidas F50’s if you want that silky powerful feeling.

  6. says: Claret Ju

    It would appear Shawnaldinho is something of a poser rather than a footballer. We all now Vapours and F50’s are for the player who wants to look good (or think they look good) with all the flashy colours.

    Fact is, they are synthetic and no development in technology will ever better calf or K leather. The Nomis Glove in all black look classy but the bottom line is how they feel. Pure comfort and control as well as feeling solid enough to offer some decent protection.

    You can keep your F50’s, Vapours, Alice Bands and Gloves. Nomis, just top boots.

  7. says: Drew

    I recently bought and received a pair of Nomis Gloves and they are the most comfortable and best fitting boot I have ever worn. The leather is extremely soft and is treated to have outstanding grip not only in wet weather, but dry too.

    The insole of this boot is amazing. If you take it out, it looks similar to a running shoe’s insole and it just as comfortable. If you don’t like this feel or have special foot conditions, Nomis include a free secondary insole which is a little thinner and does not have much arch support (very much like a traditional soccer insole).

    I bought these an entire size smaller than I usually wear which Nomis recommends for the Glove. Also, I have a wide foot and this boot is made for people with a wider foot.

    Since I live in the U.S., it was difficult to get a pair of these as I had to buy from a UK store and have them internationally shipped. But, I can honestly say that it was worth it. I was formerly an Adidas-only customer owning the Copa, F50.7 and F50.8, the Predator (synthetic), and the AdiPure. These boots are truly superior in every way, except maybe the styling, while not offensive it certainly isn’t flashy. These are phenomenal boots and I will definitely be a repeat Nomis customer.

  8. says: Aussie

    Initially I was happy but ultimately ended up very disappointed with these boots. They only lasted me about half a season, and ended in catastrophic space shuttle-esque failure. The right boot tore open from toe to heel, my foot went through and the boot ended up around my knee! I have played semi-professionally for many years and have used high end boots from many manufacturers and all I can say is that sort of thing has never happened before. Maybe I just got one dud boot, but whatever, I won’t be buying them again in a hurry.

  9. says: Amelia

    Can the Nomis boots ‘ The Glove ‘ be wiped with the booster cloth?

    I have heard they’re great boots and can’t wait to start the season! As i had the Nomis boots ‘ The Magnet’ this year and were great!

    thx xo

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