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In a crowded market, led by huge companies with established brands, it can be a daunting task trying to make a mark. That’s the intention of Nomis, a football boot manufacturer who first released football boots for sale last year.

ktnmsBased in Brisbane Australia with a UK base in Chester, Nomis was founded by Simon Skirrow. Skirrow is no stranger to football boots. He is a former Vice President of Adidas and co developed the Predator with Craig Johnston.

Nomis, the name is an acronym of Simon, have developed football boots that they claim use technology that protects players from injury, a topic that has featured highly on this blog (boots to blame).

The Nomis football boots feature an elevated heel with additional support. A ‘nomud’ feature, which claims to reduce the amount of dirt that sticks to the studs. Possibly the most popular features are the Wet/Dry Control systems. This Wet Control system creates more grip in the presence of water. Grip being a key ingredient required for top quality performance. The Dry Control System claims to give up to 16 times more grip in dry conditions!

Their football boots are all made of kangaroo and bovine leather. These leathers have been known to provide excellent comfort.

Nomis currently have 6 soft ground boots and 9 firm ground boots on the market. This list includes the Nomis Glove, Nomis Instinct and Nomis Flare. It also includes the Nomis Women’s Spark, football boots made especially for women (see images).

Updated: See the latest Nomis football boots.

Nomis football boot

The Nomis Glove boot

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  1. says: Nomis Fan

    Socceroo hero Harry Kewell has walked ? well, hobbled ? away from a megamoney deal with adidas to wear the football boots of a virtually unknown new Australian company… for nothing.
    The Liverpool star and his manager Bernie Mandic have a fearsome rep for always battering out the best possible deal, but he’s turned his back on an adidas contract worth up to $1m simply because the new boots from Brisbane-based Nomis are just so good.

    “It’s a lot of money, but you can’t put a value on your career,” said Nomis founder Simon Skirrow. “And the reality is that’s just a few weeks’ wages for him at Liverpool. The simple fact was he really liked the way it felt.”

    The switch first came to notice when Kewell took to the field for the FA Cup Final against West Ham in a pair of Nomis boots with the labels cut off to protect his contract. At the World Cup he was duty bound to play matches in his three-stripe sponsor’s shoes ? but every day in training, he went back to his pair of Nomis.

    Skirrow insists he never approached the star to switch boots, and said the star found out about the boots when he was brought a pair back from Australia by his agent.

    “We were staggered when we saw him come onto the field for the FA Cup wearing our boots,” said Skirrow. “And obviously we were delighted. You want a big name star to be wearing your boots ? and for him to wear it at the FA Cup was just fantastic. We’re not even a pin on the map compared to the big companies like adidas and Nike.”

    An adidas spokesman said Harry wants to concentrate on getting fit and back playing rather than his sponsorship obligations. “His contract is more or less up as of now,” he said. “We’re still in talks with Bernie Mandic but he’s free to wear what he likes.”

    Ironically, Skirrow is the ex-boss of adidas’s world soccer division which designed the now-legendary Predator football boot. He quit the German firm to come to Australia four years ago to set up his own firm. After a lifetime involved in the creation of sports equipment, he saw a niche in the market for boots that addressed health, comfort and safety issues rather than just looks and lifestyle. He completely redesigned the way boots are put together and brought in radical new technology to revolutionise performance.

    Starting off with a lightweight design to cope with the sprint bursts of the modern game, Skirrow integrated new coatings on kangaroo leather to increase grip in the wet or dry. He also brought in padding to increase comfort and protection.

    “People think having blisters is normal when wearing boots,” he said. “But of course, it’s not. You should be able to wear a boot for 90 minutes without being in pain. Using leather means the boot stretches to fit your foot and allows sweat to evaporate, as sweat causes abrasion which causes blisters.”

    The treated leather means more control of the ball without sacrificing comfort or safety. One independent test by players rated Nomis boots as the best on the market. Skirrow hopes Kewell’s free endorsement will kickstart sales after two years in business.

    “We were already expecting a 300 percent increase in sales before this,” he said. “But who knows where it will go now…”

    Artile from FourFourTwo Australia

  2. says: Max Massiah

    I love the site and think it is an excellent idea. Thumbs Up. I wish you had more in depth shoe reviews, maybe you could farm out some, or create a user review area and provide an address for suggestions etc.

    I especially would like to see an objective review of these boots. I always wondered why no one had made boots grippy enough to allow control in the wet. I would love to know what the material is. Heard they feel a bit like sandpaper. Good to rip the ball.

  3. says: Gavin Gall

    Nice boots…

    HOWEVER, Nomis Sports UK Ltd. have gone bust. Taking with them a pair of HG Supremacy DC boots that I had returned for a refund / replacement.

    Unfortunately the HQ based in Switzerland are ignoring my emails so it looks like I’m left out of pocket. To add insult to injury the HG Supremacy WC boots that do fit are now coming apart after roughly 12 hours of use – so the build quality is not as good as it should be.

    In summary, nice boots, good fit, suspect build quality and atrocious customer service – a BRAND BEST AVOIDED.

  4. says: Alex

    These are the best boots I’ve ever had!! I’ve had a pair of Sparks for the last 2 seasons and now just got the Glove, which is equally as good

  5. says: hayley

    most comfortable boots ever, im a girl and even tho i have a pink pair of nike vapors i prefer my womens nomis boots!, such a shame they have gone bust in the uk, no idea of their status in aus.

  6. says: stuart mccabe

    I have heard the bad news about Nomis, and this really is a travesty. I gambled and bought my son a pair of them (Glove) and he absolutely loves them, he tells me they are the comfiest boots he has had, and I am ashamed to tell you that he has had about 25 pairs up to the age of 9. The problem is that now we cant get any, I managed to buy myself a pair of Glove in the Lovell sale, and now I know what he is talking about, very comfy, in fact up there with World Cups which is no mean feat, and the grip from the leather is incredible. I feel like having a knee operation and start playing again. These boots are peerless, but sadly, gone!

  7. says: GAM

    Stuart, Try ebay for the boots, I myself have some stock so if your interested for yourself and lad them my user name is gammon112009. cheers

  8. says: Olmo

    Great boots. I bought the Kewell Sparks and they’ve lasted me 3 whole seasons. I’ve only decided to get a new pair for the sake of it but have kept the Nomis as a back up pair.
    Can’t complain one bit.

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