Fresh from the recent release of their brand new Damn Boots video commercialwhich has caused a bit of a stir since it’s debut on Footy Boots, Nomis has continued the marketing offensive with an innovative idea which, in Germany at least, will give football boot fans a unique opportunity when it comes to selecting a new footwear.

ktnmsIn association with US brand experts Johannes Leonardo, Nomis has launched the Right Boot Store, which is currently doing business in Berlin. In fact, it’s across the road from the Adidas Originals shop in the Berlin – Mitte district. Wonder why they chose that particular venue?!

The store asks customers to stop buying into the hype surrounding the sports industry, and instead ‘Ask your feet’.

The Right Boot store is based on the fact that the human body is the perfect mechanism (they obviously haven’t been to the Footy Boots office recently) to compare the quality of one football boot against another. Customers can simply walk in, choose a right football boot that fits, take it home at no cost and test it by wearing their current boot on their left foot.Nomis football boots

If customers prefer the Nomis right boot after 2 weeks, they’ll then be sent a matching left football boot for the price of a regular pair.

Nomis asserts that the sector has also been plagued with reports over the past few years linking player footwear to blister, metatarsal and other foot related injuries (and if you’ve seen the video you’ll know why this such an important premise for the company) which aims to seize the opportunity by providing a comfortable, performance-based alternative.

Nomis was founded by Simon Skirrow, former VP at Adidas, where he was instrumental behind the hugely successful launch of the ‘Predator‘. Despite being a relative newcomer on the boot scene, Nomis has certainly made its mark on the market place with an emphasis on competitor nose tweaking and patented technologies such as NoMud, Wet&Dry Control as well as other technical innovations including Stik and a redesigned stud system.

Nomis Futspeed football boot

ktnmsNomis football boots, already widely available in Australia, New Zealand and Europe are soon to ‘do a Robbie Williams’ but without the birds and tattoos and try and break in to the US market with a launch across the pond imminent.

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