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Nomis football boots have up to 16 times more grip than any other football boot!

Nomis football bootsAustralian football boot manufacturer Nomis, have launched a video demonstrating their superior grip technology for football boots.

Nomis football boots are worn by Harry Kewell. Kewell decided to drop his lucrative Adidas football boot deal (Kewell drops Adidas), to wear Nomis football boots for free!

So why would Harry do that?

Well, Nomis have launched a video that shows their football boots grip on a football. The video shows a comparison against another football boot and the performance, although only demonstrated in a basic test, is remarkable. The Nomis football boot really looks to have a great grip on the ball. The leather is tested dry and wet and once wet the football boots really perform.

Nomis football boots

Watch the

Nomis video

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  • That is indeed a simple test, but it is nontheless quite impressive. Nomis has been producing quality boots for quite some time. They are up there for me with A-Line as makers of incredible, no-gimmick football boots.

  • i have a pair. there ok i guess nothing to be amazed @ so far but then again it hasnt been chucking it down yet for them to show there stuff

  • You can buy from a US online retailer at . Unfortunately there aren’t many physical shops or online retailers in the US quite yet.

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