Empire of Sports, the first virtual world entirely dedicated to sport, and NOMIS, the revolutionary football boot designer and manufacturer, have announced partnership.


NOMIS, whose design marks arguably the biggest progression in football boot innovation for decades, will soon be able to demonstrate the amazing performances of its boots to Empire of Sports’ players.

The first massively connected multisport 3D game, Empire of Sports is offering players to practice through their avatars – their 3D representation in the virtual world – a wide range of sports that includes tennis, skiing, basketball, and of course football. As a unique place for many players to meet from all over the world, Empire of Sports also provides them with the perfect platform for competitions, where physical development and team practice are important, but also the best possible equipment, to ensure victories to their avatars and their team.

As a revolutionary football boot designer eager to show the world the qualities of its amazing design, NOMIS is a perfect match for the virtual world of Empire of Sports: through the forthcoming events that will be organized in partnership with NOMIS, Empire of Sports’ players will be able to win real NOMIS boots , and their avatars will soon be able to buy virtual NOMIS boots inside the game, to enhance their in-game football performances. Alexis Galley, CEO of Empire of Sports, said: “We are delighted to welcome NOMIS as a new partner in Empire of Sports. Football is one of the most popular sports not only in the real world, but also in our virtual one, and NOMIS has the technical edge to bring much added value to our football players. We know that many people are willing to improve their football skills and we hope they enjoy this new partnership.”

Simon Skirrow, founder and CEO of NOMIS, said: “We are very happy to enter such a promising virtual world as Empire of Sports, and have our name next to prestigious partners like FC Barcelona. We believe our range of football boots are the most technically advanced and best performance enhancers on the market, and we trust Empire of Sports will demonstrate those qualities to a wider audience. We are very happy with the success met by the first competition that has just started within the community, and we can’t wait to the next steps of our partnership.”

If you are keen to start practicing virtual football and be ready to enter the next NOMIS event or try soon the first virtual NOMIS boots within Empire of Sports, all you need to do is download the game client from, register and start playing for free!

Empire of Sports is currently in the Prologue phase: this phase allows the game to expand progressively, with the help and feedback of its vast community of online players.

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