One thing it’s difficult to accuse Simon Skirrow of is going with the flow. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the boss of Nomis, in these tough economic times, has hit upon a new way to sell his boots, making them cheaper and more appealing for the consumer.

Simon Skirrow Nomis

Nomis boss Simon Skirrow

In the past Skirrow has been fiercely defensive of his marketing'  strategy, mounting a passionate argument of why the company doesn’t employ big-name players to wear Nomis boots.

Now, he’s gone one step further – offering potential purchasers the chance of buying boots direct from the manufacturer, therefore cutting out the middle man and passing on the reduction in price.

Nomis Glove Nomis Direct

Nomis Glove

The concept is called Nomis Direct and on his company web site, Skirrow has been outlining the thinking behind it. His statement reads:

SIMON SKIRROW NOMIS DIRECT Ever since I left the big sports brands to begin Nomis I have been determined to get the best quality football boots on your feet.

It’s why I remain deeply involved with the design and innovation process, why we’ve been twice rated Soccer International magazine’s football boot of the year and why we don’t pay famous athletes to wear them.

Because, ultimately, that’s what allows us to bring you the world’s best product at a price you can afford.

And now we are taking it one step further with Nomis Direct. Our new one-stop shop for buying Nomis football boots and trainers direct from the manufacturer.

As a father of three, I am well accustomed to the financial burden involved of buying new boots every season, especially in difficult financial times such as these. That’s why we at Nomis are making a true commitment to making your money go even further without compromising on any of our renowned product quality and performance, while guaranteeing you the most technological products on the market.

Skirrow is so confident in his boots performance that he promises a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked .

Typical savings on the Nomis site are £40 on the Glove and the Spark, £50 on the Flare and £65 on the Limited Edition NXGEN Spark.

Nomis Direct NXGEN Spark

Nomis NXGEN Spark

You can find out more at

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  1. says: Kyle

    Really interesting, seems like Mr. Skirrow always has a trick or two up his sleeve!

    On one hand it’s good to see a brand taking discounts on it’s own site – when you go on Nike or Adidas it’s all full price for something you can get a tenner cheaper at JJB.

    On the other; wouldn’t this annoy distributors who sell at RRP? If you’re someone like who buys the boots off Nomis and then sells them for £130, you’d be miffed that you were being undercut by the manufacturer who sells them direct for £100.

  2. says: Fenboy

    Kyle – everything that Nomis have done recently points to phasing out third party distribution so I’m not sure this will be a factor long term.

    Personally, I like the idea.

  3. says: Kyle

    Fenboy – I suppose when you think about it you’re right! The Customisation idea behind the NXGEN spark isn’t something you could get done in a shop.

    In that case I like it too – if they could standardise all their products to the sub-£100 mark I think they’d get some converts.

    Also, I like the exclusivity it brings. ‘Available only direct from Nomis themselves’ adds a certain prestige to their boots, in my opinion.

    1. says: Fenboy

      Cheers Kyle – I’m gonna send my girlfriend your comment.

      I’ve been going out with her for 3 years and in all that time, I’ve never been right. Result!

  4. says: Andrew Murphy

    OMG !
    I’ve just been on their website and the prices are incredible. I’ve just ordered 2 pairs! Kyle You gotta take a look mate there isn’t a boot over £100. I had a feeling they were gonna do something like this as my mate works in a sports shop in Bristol and they were told at the start of the year that Nomis were stopping supplying them. Skirrows a clever guy! as well as his adi experience I heard the head of Nomis UK was head of football worldwide for Reebok for 10 years

  5. says: Kyle

    Andrew – I’ve wanted to try a pair for ages!

    Thanks for the insight into the shops too! I was feeling bad for the retailers but if they’re being phased out then it’s a different matter.

    At £95 quid I think I’ll be giving the Spark (in white & black) a try when I get back from my holiday! Roll on next season!

  6. says: Andrew Murphy

    Kyle – Get on them them mate! Thats what I’ve ordered along with a pair of HG supremacy for pre season.
    I likey !!!!!

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