Magista Obra Hits NikeiD April 29th

Nike Magista Obra NikeiD

Nike are managing the hype of the Magista masterfully in between their February launch and April 29th pre-order date, revealing that their hotly-anticipated new football boots will be available to Nike iD on the same pre-orders open for the standard boot.

If you’ve somehow avoided the Nike Magista for the last six weeks, this is the boot that Nike promise will herald a new generation of football boots under the tagline ‘Football Will Never be the Same’

And whilst there’s a certain amount of poetic license in that, we discovered there’s certainly some level of truth, too as we found out when we slipped them on a couple of weeks ago.

Nike Magista Obra NikeiD Heels

What can players expect from the NikeiD Magista Obra?

– Players can select from two plate options to fit their playing needs, FG (advanced traction on firmer grass fields) or SG-Pro (for extra grip on softer ground).

– For personalized style, players can select an overlay from a variety of solid colors, or choose a clear overlay to expose the Magista's Nike Flyknit technology.

– The Swoosh, Swoosh border, and laces are also available to customize from a variety of color options, with a special graphic option available on the Swoosh.

– For the first time on NIKEiD, football players can mimic the personalization elements commonly seen on top athletes and select their jersey number; 1 of 12 country flags; or personalize with a custom name or nickname.

– Five unique icons specific to the Magista will also be available for added personalization, such as the one seen below.

Nike Magista Obra NikeiD Detail


All in all, not a bad set of features to tempt players who perhaps don’t like the launch colourways into something a little more unique.

Are there any colour options that take your fancy?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: Nils

    Yeah, without that, it’s kinda pointless – em, that’s my humble opinion.
    Best example how it could have been: ‘Blackout’ colorway of the Superfly IV.
    I wonder how many people will cut the sockliner off like the once-modern lace covers – but then preventing the knitted parts from unpicking might not be the easiest task.

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