Ahead of this weekend’s clash with Stoke City, some of Arsenal’s top players took to training today wearing the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII football boots.

Arsenal forward Gervinho tests the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII football boots
Gervinho tests the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII football bootsAndre Arshavin tests the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII football boots

We saw the blacked-out' Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII during the international break on the feet of Real Madrid mega-star Cristiano Ronaldo, but it seems Nike are after even more feedback as they took their new speed football boots to London Colney.

The Gervinho and Andre Arshavin were the two players who swapped out their usual football boots for the super-light new Nike cleats, both spending their training session in black-out models of the new Vapor.

As we noted with Ronaldo earlier this month, the one thing we’re impressed with when it comes to the' Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII is the shape!

They truly look like running shoes, with very little substance to them besides the upper; we can’t wait to find out the specs come Spring next year.

For anyone after the nitty-gritty, geeky stuff – we can tell straight away that the Carbon Fibre on the sole of the current Superfly III has been ditched in favour of something that looks like a glass-fibre composite – perhaps to reduce the cost of the range of this notoriously-pricey range of football boots?

Either way, we’ll find out when the' Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII launches next year!

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  1. says: SpeckledJim

    Super-light? Not by comparison. And the clearly offer no protection at all. This boot will pull the Mecurial range even further into obscurity.

      1. says: SpeckledJim

        Not at all. The Adizero, particularly in leather, offers far better protection despite being grams lighter. Nike are going backwards unfortunately

        1. says: Jota

          Bro you’re getting it all backwards. I’ve worn vapors and leather and synthetic adizeros and adipure SL’s. While adidas light boots are paper light, it gives you no structural support. The boot is awesome and all, but when it comes to protection, it is one of the worst. I’ve had about 3-4 injuries with Adidas light boots in a span of 1.5-2 yrs.  Maybe its just me, but coaches like Ferguson, Redknapp and others have blasted the boot after their players were injured.  Vapors on the other hand are a more complete boot.  They are a near perfect combination of lightweight and protection.  The stud configuration (not the sense stud) is rivaled by no other and the sole plate allows you to spring in to action from a standing point. Yes, the “Sense stud” and maybe even the “Flywire” technology are gimmicks,and,in my opinion, have lowered the high standards set by the first and second generation vapors.  The designers however, seem to have taken a step in the right direction by removing the infamous gimmicks for the upcoming vapor. We’ll see it when it comes out, but what I can tell you now is that although the Adizero beats the Vapor in the lightweight department, it has NEVER really challanged the Vapors as a quality boot.

  2. says: harry

    Would there be any chance Footy Booty boots could contact Gervinho or Arshavin and ask them their views on the boot and what we the public can expect or is it all hush hush

  3. says: guest

    Ive seen pics of them on youtube and they look amazing, like the vapor IVs without the lace “blanket”. I really recommend that you guys check them out if you dig the older vapors..

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