Nike T90 Shoot III AD

As with every major release that comes out, Nike have introduced two ‘sibling’ models to the Total 90 range – the Strike, and this – the T90 Shoot III

Nike T90 Shoot III

The shoot doesn’t incorporate the Teijin synthetic leather that it’s two big brothers do for the upper. Instead Nike have opted to fit the T90 Shoot III with a lightweight full-synthetic, that still provides comfort and durability, but is more cost effective to produce.

One feature that does carry over are the silicon ‘pods’ on the top of the instep. These pods line the area with which most people strike the ball – enabling a more even surface for an enhanced kicking area.

Nike T90 Shoot III

The rubber fins that line the forefoot of the Laser & Strike football boots have also been toned-down on the Shoot.

Instead of the aggressive rubber fins, the T90 Shoot III has a printed silicon pattern. This pattern enhances grip on the ball and increases swerve and accuracy on every shot.

Also adding to this football boot‘s shooting kudos are the side-offset lace, giving a huge surface area with which to strike the ball!

Price: £40 – but have been seen on offer for £29.99!

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Nike T90 Shoot III AD

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  1. says: lew

    i just bought these boots last thursday, and they are really realy comfy
    i dont see the silicon pattern workin as much as the fins on the laser, but that black area is softer than the synthetic, and its a nicer area to control the ball aswell as strike it
    the pods do their job well also, its a pretty good boot for an entry level one, and t only cost me 30 quid 😀
    highly reccomended for those on a low budget

  2. says: channo

    hey, nice idea to put the “lesser” boots on the review. so we could learn which technologies that’s still on, and which they left exclusively for the highest version 😉

    maybe in the future footy boots could try to compare the degree of downgraded technologies itself, ex: absolado x’s modified powerzone and T90 shoot III’s modified rubber fin; which one still has the advantage of the full version’s original powerzone and rubber fin?

  3. says: FreshO

    Great! Finally you bring information regarding the lower-price-models of the Nike boot range.
    Please do something about the Strike aswell.
    Great would be a test between Laser, Strike and Shoot as for Maestri, Trequartista and Libretto.
    I would be interesting to see how the performance of the boots differ and if the higher prices are justified.
    I declare myself willing to do a test! U Just have to provide me the boots 😉

  4. says: fido

    so what did Nike exactly used for Shoot III if its not Teijin? pvc synthetic? though i was hoping that all of their synthetic boots to be made from Teijin the very least..

  5. says: Standard

    I picked up a pair of TF trainers for my regular sunday kick-about. I rarely pay a lot for my boots for two reasons (I’m tight and I’m a bit rubbish at football). Everywhere seemed to want ÂŁ30+ plus p&p but then my gf had a catalogue through from Verycouk. They had a pair (Grey/Lime) for ÂŁ27 with free delivery which dropped to ÂŁ23.50 when I actually ordered them. They had them in all sizes too, not just the odd sizes that I normally buy (12). Be quick folks.

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