Nike dismiss Total 90 Laser Football Boot as cause of Rooney Injury

Football Boot Brand Nike has dismissed claims that its Total 90 Laser boot was the cause of Wayne Rooney’s foot fracture, which has left the Manchester United and England international sidelined for two months.

The hairline fracture Rooney suffered to his left foot in Sunday’s Premiership opener against Reading is his third foot related injury since 2004.


Charlie Brooks, head of Corporate Communications for Nike UK has defended the football boot brand saying: “He (Rooney) himself is personally absolutely confident, as we are, that the boot had nothing to do with his injury.”

He added: “Nearly 20% of the professional players in the Barclay’s Premier League this weekend were wearing this boot.”

“I think it is a boot that stands up to all kinds of testing….and stands up to on-pitch demand.”

“I think what happened to Wayne is an unfortunate football injury.”

“When we were developing this boot we worked extensively with Wayne.”

“He was part of the development testing process. He went over to our headquarters in the United States and he tested the boot extensively over there.”

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright however believes football boot brands in general need to sit down and see what they can do to help reduce the recent increase in foot injuries.

Wright states: “This latest spate of foot injuries must be linked to the lightness of the boot, what else can it be?”

“Let’s roll back a decade and look at a time when boots weren’t so advanced or precise, very few players seemed to have metatarsal injuries or foot damage like this.”.

As always will be on the case looking for any developments in this story which is sure to generate a lot of differing opinions.

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  1. says: chinese

    i think the laser must have some related,because i was wear the supermacy before i felt that is uncomfortable for myself ,and then wear predator 8 i felt that is more comfortable,so i never buy the total 90 again

  2. says: Josh

    Maybe there weren’t that many related injuries a decade back, But the game has changed and especially in England. Its now faster and demands more strength and speed from players. Injuries are going to happen when you push yourself to the limits every game. And unfortunatly for Rooney, Duberry is a very big and strong man and his foot couldn’t handle it. You can’t blame the boots for that.

    Also its Rooney’s choice boot. He could have worn a kangaroo leather or something to protect himself better. Everybody knows you’ll get the lightness but not as much protection when you buy synthetic leathers.

  3. says: Doug Chaney

    Interesting comment by Josh… the Total 90 IS kangaroo leather, or it is according to everything I’ve read about it… but I agree completely with his comment about the game moving on.

    Footballers now operate far closer to the edge of their performance envelope, putting them under far greater physical strain than 10 years ago. The harder you push and the more finely tuned you are, the more likely it is that you’ll sustain injuries. Just look at how many other top class players are out of the premiership teams through injury!

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