Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots Range

Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots – The Full Range of Colourways

Ever since we first saw Chelsea’s Claude Makelele in the yellow Nike Total 90 Laser football boots, the amount of interest, comment and questions on the new Nike football boots has been unprecedented. These football boots seem to be on top of the wish-list of a huge amount of fans and players, and following Wayne Rooney, most players are unwilling to don the bright yellow colourways, prefering to wait for the alternative colourways to be released. As a teaser, Footy-Boots brings you details of the full range of the Nike T90 Laser, including new images, colourway news and details of the lower end varieties.

Nike Total 90 Laser Colourways

Initially, the Nike T90 Laser will only be available in the yellow and the white/black colourways. From July 2007, there will be the black Nike Total 90 Laser, pictured below.

Nike T90 Laser Black

August 2007 sees the arrival of, in our opinion, the best looking of the Lasers, the Nike T90 Laser in Silver/Black, pictured below.
Nike T90 Laser Silver

Looking even further ahead, the football boot that will be eventually worn by Wayne Rooney will be released around October time, the Nike T90 Laser in Red, White and Black – coincidentally the same team colours as Manchester United, so it will be interesting to see if any Chelsea players choose this colourway option! October also sees the last of the new colourways (as far as we know), potentially the most popular of them all, the Nike Total 90 Laser in White, Black and Gold.

Nike Total 90 Football Boots Range

For those of us for whom the top end Laser proves out of reach at £120, Nike is bringing out lower end versions of the Nike Total 90 Laser, which will include the Total 90 Strike, Shoot and Exacto. Nike will be offering junior sizes in the Nike Total 90 Laser and Shoot ranges only.

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  1. says: luke

    I have these football boots and im telling you…. they are the best boots i have worn in my life i am not blagging you.

    The shot is amazing and they are very easy to clean with just a little scrub after the matches.

    The only thing I don’t like when i’m wearing them is that the laces feel awkward and they would be better if they weren’t there at all…..but then again thats just copying the tunits but hey….who cares?

    I must say you should buy these boots they will improve your shot and they are very comfortable….my mate has the total 90 strikes and says there worth getting to if you havent got the money for the Total 90 Lasers…. There is a huge variety of total 90 laser series to pick from.

    good luck, peace out

    1. says: ahmer

      i do want these boots but i could do chores for a year and i still woudn’t have enough money to buy them could you tell me a way to earn money faster so i can get those boots.i alredy have the ronaldinho boots but they don’t make my shot more accurate

  2. says: Kevin

    Absolute worst boots i have ever used. I had blisters after two hours of playing, and after the first hour the boots began cutting into the side of my ankle. My shot seems harder with these boots, but certainly no more accurate. I notices no difference in sweve either. Jesus must have worn more comfortable shoes than these

  3. says: Dave

    im with you kevin these boots are crap i played five pemier reserve games and blood blisters all the way from my big toe to the ball of my feet and the ankle hight is at least 1cm too high you hurt all week from them. back to the $50 lottos

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