Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots

Nike T90 Laser Football Boots

Looking for the TOTAL 90 LASER II football boot? Find it her: T90 Laser II
Nike Total 90 lasersNike has released details of the new Nike Total 90 Laser football boots, promoted by AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso, Inter Milan’s Luis Figo and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. The T90 Laser, which is seen in a striking yellow colourway, will be premiered on the field in the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League between Manchester United and AC Milan on 24th April. The Laser will be worn by Gattuso, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand in the game which will be an ideal showcase for the new Nike football boots.

Development of the Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boot

Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots Images 5Nike worked closely with its players during the development of the new football boot to obtain feedback and technical data. This was supplemented by extensive research from a major University in Germany, the home of traditional rivals Adidas. Nike learnt that 69% of shots on goal are taken from the full instep from its research. This information was used by Nike designer Tetsuya Tom Minami to create a boot designed to help reduce the variability for a solid shot and increase accuracy for every pass. “Players like Wayne Rooney told Nike, “I want to put the ball wherever I want”, and so we focused on a specific part of the boot, the kicking area, to help making the best out of most shots.”

Details of the Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots

Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots Images 1The Total Ninety Laser football boot has a significantly big ‘sweet spot’ through unique precision rings – that help control ball spin and trajectory. The Laser’s upper, with its innovative circular-pattern PowerZone – emblazoned with a “90” and the words “Swerve”, “Precision” and “Power” is inspired by visual cues from the ripples that emanate when a stone is dropped in water, according to the designer.


Along with Gattuso, Rooney and Ferdinand, the Nike T90 Laser will be the chosen football boot for star players from Nike’s stable including Fabio Cannavaro, Fernando Torres, Carlos Puyol and Torsten Frings.


This is a football boot that needs to impress. Associated with a net full of World Class players from around the globe, the Nike Total 90 Laser, must perform. The enhanced ‘sweetspot’ is not a new phenomenon, neither is it going to guarantee you accuracy, but any assistance is no doubt worth it. As you would expect from Nike, this is a good looking football boot. We give it the footy-boots thumbs up!

View Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boot images.

UPDATE: Looking for the New TOTAL 90 LASER II football boot? Find it her: T90 Laser II

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