Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots

Nike T90 Laser Football Boots

Looking for the TOTAL 90 LASER II football boot? Find it her: T90 Laser II
Nike Total 90 lasersNike has released details of the new Nike Total 90 Laser football boots, promoted by AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso, Inter Milan’s Luis Figo and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. The T90 Laser, which is seen in a striking yellow colourway, will be premiered on the field in the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League between Manchester United and AC Milan on 24th April. The Laser will be worn by Gattuso, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand in the game which will be an ideal showcase for the new Nike football boots.

Development of the Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boot

Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots Images 5Nike worked closely with its players during the development of the new football boot to obtain feedback and technical data. This was supplemented by extensive research from a major University in Germany, the home of traditional rivals Adidas. Nike learnt that 69% of shots on goal are taken from the full instep from its research. This information was used by Nike designer Tetsuya Tom Minami to create a boot designed to help reduce the variability for a solid shot and increase accuracy for every pass. “Players like Wayne Rooney told Nike, “I want to put the ball wherever I want”, and so we focused on a specific part of the boot, the kicking area, to help making the best out of most shots.”

Details of the Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots

Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots Images 1The Total Ninety Laser football boot has a significantly big ‘sweet spot’ through unique precision rings – that help control ball spin and trajectory. The Laser’s upper, with its innovative circular-pattern PowerZone – emblazoned with a “90” and the words “Swerve”, “Precision” and “Power” is inspired by visual cues from the ripples that emanate when a stone is dropped in water, according to the designer.


Along with Gattuso, Rooney and Ferdinand, the Nike T90 Laser will be the chosen football boot for star players from Nike’s stable including Fabio Cannavaro, Fernando Torres, Carlos Puyol and Torsten Frings.


This is a football boot that needs to impress. Associated with a net full of World Class players from around the globe, the Nike Total 90 Laser, must perform. The enhanced ‘sweetspot’ is not a new phenomenon, neither is it going to guarantee you accuracy, but any assistance is no doubt worth it. As you would expect from Nike, this is a good looking football boot. We give it the footy-boots thumbs up!

View Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boot images.

UPDATE: Looking for the New TOTAL 90 LASER II football boot? Find it her: T90 Laser II

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    1. says: Roshnaldinho Zidinho Hewitt

      Yo O agree with you. Those football boots are ugly. I kinda like the Total 90’s boots, but not these ones. plzzzzzzzz dont purchase that rubbish.

      If you do, please dont wear it when you going to play against me becuase i’ll break one of your feet.

      I was wondering what kind of awful football boots Claude Makélélé was wearing with the Chelsea blue.

      Please Rooney dont wear them. No wonder Man U lost to Milan.

    2. says: Canadian

      These are the ugliest cleats I’ve ever seen Nike make. Bright yellow and they look like they are rain boots! Hopefully they have absolutely amazing performance, or nike is in trouble.

    3. says: Tomo09

      dude u blind or wat??? i got these boots and the yellow ones are awesome! they beat preds anyday you have to seem em up close.

    4. says: sergio hernandez

      preds r cool but the lasers weigh less and r really comfortable trust me i got them for my b-day oh did i mention i scored 5 goals in 2 games with them

    5. says: Z

      Yeah right nike’s are way better than adidas lasers and mercurial vapors well take you shoe out in a test or a survey any day, Buddy!!!

  1. says: harry

    I smell a lawsuit that Include Copyright and Patent Infringement. These boots are such a rip of adidas predators. its offical nike has run out of ideas in football and has started to rip off adidas. these are predators!!!!!!!

  2. says: Dino

    These are the adidas pred’s from world cup 2002. I’ve still got a pair the PREDATOR MANIA TRX . nike RIP OFF put out a boot that is rip off a boot that was made four years ago.

    1. says: ryan

      Ok, hey buddy. The mania’s and the laser‘s look nothing alike. The mania’s don’t have any mesh or even the same material. Are you just mad because you bought some other cleats and these came out right after you got them and so it ticked you off?

    1. says: rj

      rooney was wearing his old total 90 against milan – he wore the lasers in training though

      colourways will be black, white/black, chrome and possibly even white/gold

  3. says: Lee

    The colour is a bit dodge but im getting these for sure, i’ve been a “predator” man for years but they only last 1/2 a season with the amount of football i play and with my previous Nike boots lasting 2 seasons its a no brainer.

  4. says: dan

    it looks to me that these boots wil be good however it would be better in another colour iv bin a predator man for all my life until i brought a pair of nike legends and i dnt think il ever go back to predators they rip soo easy i cnt wait for these boots to come out hopefuly more colours available ill get a pair

  5. says: Dino

    just seen the Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots Colourways and they are so much a preds and f50 + rip off. I think the next preds will be somthing special cuz these are gonna take a bite out of adidas market for the £120 football boot. which nike have been a flop at so far. If you can’t beat them…copy them!!!

  6. says: jamie

    hi can anyone answer me plz… i really want these football boots but not in yellow in the white and black. any way i really want to no if they will be on sale and when and where coz i will need to bye them in time for my new season.

    1. says: lee

      just bought some lasers in b&w there 120 everywhere but i have found them for 75 quid give us a shout if your interested nice one

      1. says: Chris

        Ive looked all over the shops and cant find the white/black SG’s. And theyre always £120 quid everywhere on the internet! The one place i could get em’ for £75 was sold out. Please lemme know where u found em’ for £75 cheers mate

  7. says: decers

    i think those boots are exactly the same as all the other boots that nike have bought out they just want to but more boots out at skyhigh prices i like nike but they do but there prices to high

  8. says: lewi 5

    hello footballer fans…i wanna ask everyone when they come out round wolverhampton and birmingham?????? also i wanna ask u all how much they are p.s the boots have gotta be the best totals yet xxx msg bk plzzzz need to now asap thankz xxx

  9. says: geezer

    these yellow ones were on ebay a couple of days ago, so someones got them way before release. went to crazy price tho bout £150. not liking the yellow but the black ones are niice.

  10. says: Billy the Kidd

    The last decent football boot Nike made were the mercurial vapors, everything since has been very very ugly, and these are no different. I have not had a Nike boot last me beyond half a season, one of my studs broke off after a month. Like their shoes, their boots are cheap plastic crap, when was the last time that actually used leather? Give me Puma and Adidas any day. sadly Adidas is also going the way of Nike by making them more plastic. These are just another ugly gimmick boot from Nike, I will avoid at all cost.

  11. says: nick

    guys the colour and look does not matter.. what you are looking for is performance. i think these are sweet and there is a white one and also a black one so not just the yellow ones.

  12. says: nick

    i just got my total 90 lasers today. they are really comfy especially since i have a wide foot. they improve my accuracy. oh the cost around 260 for singapore dollars. we dont have the other colours over here though, just the yellow ones. but i have seen the white black and full black k leather one on soccer com

      1. says: Nike Beast

        Yo loser they are only $188 i bought the black color and the white color for less than $400. Oh yeah, and the is spelled like THE not like TJE. I know j is close to h but come on.

  13. says: Aidan

    Hi.I am a central midfielder and I am looking for footy boots which are light and will give me a nice touch and feel comfortable….can some1 advise me on what boots to get and let me know a.s.a.p plz…thanks!

    1. says: sam

      hi i need a waterproof boot thats durable,confortable and hopeffully light weight.R vapors waterproof and r reebok sprint fit ani gud??

  14. says: Joaquin

    I agree with the guy that said predators last only half a season
    i played highschool and then club soccer and my predators broke in half because the sole is not sewed well
    i had really cheap nike’s two years ago and they lasted me a whole season

    predator’s re amazing, but nike’s boot last longer and have the same performance as predators
    im not trying to talk bad about predators because i think they’re the cooles shoes ever, but if they wanted to make them brilliant they would have to find out a way to make them last longer

  15. says: omarao

    These football boots look good but i believe that the so-called “sweet spot” doesn’t make a difference. I believe that every player has a football boot that they like and feels right on their foot, but in the end, whether the player scores or not, doesn’t depend solely on the boot, but on the player.

    1. says: nick

      I see what your saying but the so-called “sweet spot” is to help assist the player in making the better touch than the others therefor, you get the advantage using the laser.

  16. says: Matthew

    These football boots are good in one way but bad at, well………. everything else!!!! The bad things about them is that they are ugly, and Wayne does not wear these, i am his biggest fan and he never wears these!!!! The good thing is that they will blind the goalie at a pen!!! But honestly don’t buy them.

  17. says: Mike

    I wore them in a game and they are beast. They are the most comfortable soccer cleats ever, and you can actually feel a difference when you kick with them on. Arguably Nikes best cleat ever

  18. says: Jonas

    I have to confess I was a Adidas User because de wide design was more comfortable for my feet.

    My last Predator were really good but now I was looking for the new version I found all of them very uncomfortable when I was stand up.

    Looking for a leather shoe … I couldn’t find one.. so I give it a try to this new Nike… so far I fells very comfy when I am Stand Up… and the control of the ball is amazing.

  19. says: giloibarra

    i have those ones! there pretty nice and cool you should buy them y buy them and my shts are now perfect its incredible!!! i mean it! hahahaha I have themm!!! YEAH!

  20. says: lionel messi

    hola soy leo messi y la verdad que para mi estanrealmente buenos pero viste…hay que ver el precio ya que afinan la punteria…

  21. says: Nike1

    I have a question for you guys.

    i have a narrow feet and i am a midfielder.
    in want quick boots but they have to hold long.
    and i need gooed control of the ball and power also.

    I was thinking abou the vapors or these, because the vapors are extremally fast and light and they have a great control.

    But these are powerfull, and great control i think.

    and are those light?

    which one should i get?

    1. says: Ganaa

      well. you see the new Vapor 4s are coming out on February/1/2008 or this july,, so i would wait and buy the mercurial Vapor 4s…And you are very similiar to me so im answering you(except that i’m left midfielder)…Since midfieders need stamina and good speed you want a very light and comfortable cleats(and since you have narrow feet and like good ball controls). THe Total 90s are for people who have wide feet and is good at shooting…So my point is that you want to improve what you are good at. Get what i’m saying. I’M MEAN A PLAYER IS SPECIAL WHEN THEY HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL..LIKE C.RONALDO:HE IS FAST SO HE IMPROVED HIS SPEED, SO HE IS SPECIAL…ROONEY:GREAT GOAL SCORER, SO HE NEED SOMETHING THAT HELPS HIM ON SHOOTING. Get what i’m sayin? AND LIKE YOU, I’M WAITING FOR THE NEW MERCURIAL VAPORS TO BE RELEASED…AND I HEARD THE NEW TUNIT F50.8 IS COMING OUT..TRY THEM..GOOD LUCK~ 🙂

  22. says: Lisa

    I’ve got these in black and white 😀 The’re sooo beautifull.. I love them.. And they aren’t really expensive.. I bought them for 59,-

    Nike, you’re the best !!

  23. says: brad

    nike has taken over the shoe market. tiempo, vapours and total 90’s are worn by more professionals than adidas. sorry adidas thrivers, Nike rules. the total 90 is the best shoe ever.

  24. says: Frankthekipper

    I ordered the yellow T90s the other day, Mainly cos my whole team next season will get Mercurials and preds etc I bough these cos theyl stand out, Is this a good idea? or better to follow the crowd, cos even though i like these I seriously doubt many people will buy these, Was it a good financial Idea for Nike to make the yellows the signature boot?

  25. says: Tim

    Anyone know the difference between the £120 Nike Total laser 90 (Rooneys boot) and the cheaper £60 Total 90 Strike. They look the same apart from a black bit on the heel. feel the same in weight.Nike website says pretty much the same.

    1. says: Nilzao

      Anyone know the difference between the £120 Nike Total laser 90 (Rooneys boot) and the cheaper £60 Total 90 Strike. They look the same apart from a black bit on the heel. feel the same in weight.Nike website says pretty much the same.


      [email protected]

    1. says: rod

      yes he did but not bcuz of the boots you moron! it was because of a 6’10” man who was wearing bladed cleats (predators). BLADED CLEATS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO INCREASE FOOT INJURIES!!

  26. says: Polly

    im going to get these boots but dont no weather to get firm ground or soft ground boots. i play football from september to april

    any ideas guys


  27. says: trent

    hey im a centre mid who likes to have shoot from outside and the edge of the box! i will be buying a new pair of boots soon and im lookin for a boot to help me with power and maybe a little bit of accuracy lol! anyone got any suggestions to help??

  28. says: Rod

    i just bought these boots in the white/black colourway. they look sexy! mostly eveyrone in the premiere league wears them in the black and white color. torres, jon obi mikel, makelele, malouda, ben haim, scholes (whose scored a cracker outside the box against portsmouth), ferdinand, essien!, and many more. it is liked by many i can see in the premiere league and prolly more once serie A and la liga start. The main reason why this boot is top class is that players who aren’t even contracted with nike are choosing these boots over any other. that tells you these are the real deal. same thing with the adidas predators. popular with professionals despite being paid to wear them. also, i got the kangaroo leather boot. i like to feel the ball on my entire kicking surface when shooting, synthetic doesn’t mold to your entire foot well enough for that. i have played close attention to video footage and fernando torres has these boots in soft ground but on the bottom there are no structural bars nor any design. just plain white. seems like he customizes his. but rooney has his cleats just like the ones you can buy at the store. what i really love about these cleats that did it for me to pay $200 for it was the in boot comfort and stability i recieved. i could feel the ground better with these cleats which gave me more power/ stability. i could kick harder more accurate with just the support alone. and the comfort is what helps e around the 70th minute of playing when everything seems to hurt and the defenders are getting tired. all i have to say is that the 2nd half, IS MY HALF. so don’t make a mistake. im gunning for goal everytime and making them count! its true that no cleat will make you better but they do make certain aspects of your game EASIER. not an improvement but definitely an assitance. i just really hope these cleats don’t get replaced after a year by the total 90 laser II’s. that’d really get my blood boiling. i really hope nike got it right on the first try with these boots. any ?’s just ask. i actually own these cleats and know more than anyone online knows about them.

  29. says: Sergio

    Yesterday I wore the cheap ones for the first time and boy they made a huge difference. I friend let me test them, I have a apir of Talaria Turf. The difference was huge, my shots where better. Practice for my school soccer team starts today and before that I’m getting a new pair.

  30. says: mike

    i just got the new black and white pair of these very good looking but pretty uncomfortable for the price. My preds don’t look as nice but are so much more comfortbable so ???. Maybe its all the synthetic material.

  31. says: Matt

    I just got the Black/Red/White ones. If your not sure about these boots kick a ball once and your be glad you bought them!
    And dont be too tight to get the £120 ones!

  32. says: Talal

    i dunno what 2 buy!. i tried on the preds and i liked them but now ther is the t90’s and i like the Nike Mercurial Vapor. they r sooooo comfertble (not the laser t90)


  33. says: $inghpin

    These are super boots to play in, the accuracy is astoundin “put it where you want”? Hell yeah you can! Good first touch and not too heavy so can still get maximum speed out of them. Those of you complainin about the yellow colour boots. Put it this way, it’s a one on one with defender, the ball at your feet, 1, 2 stepover on the 3rd the defender has followed the yellow boots instead of the ball and away you go on a run. Well worth spending 120 and for those that are unsure, jus get the T90 Strikes for half the price, just as good to be honest. Compared to the Predator, the power difference isn’t that much but Nike has got my vote.

  34. says: omar

    These are the best boots ever built I scored from the centre twice today because of the accuracy and power. the yellow ones are good but the white ones are the best boots ever.thank you nike these boots are gifts from GOD!!! P.S. Go Essien show the world why you were nike T90 Laser! Love Nike T90 laser !

  35. says: nobody

    these boots are basically the same as the t90 supremacy. (the soles are identical.) the only real difference is the plastic mesh thing on the top.

    it’s too bad nike decided to discontinue the supremacy. they’re my favorite boot so far. the only problem is they smell awful when they get wet.

  36. says: Alexio

    Are these good for a wide (but not flat) footed player? The only ones that have come out in aus have come out in my region (Hunter Valley, Wine Country, Rural) have been in junior sizing at they’re the cheapo versions @ around 29.99-75.00.

    They don’t have em’ in my size & I wanted quality!! Is it true that Nike boots are always a size and a bit smaller than what you order? Or is that just the Mercurial Vapors etc?

  37. says: #6

    i like the boots. they look good in white or black as they show on nikes main page ive had predators n within the 4 game of the season i was having foot problems.

  38. says: Vytenis

    Awesome this boots are the best im going to buy these football boots they are the BEST!!!!I also like the skeleton foot on the sole.

  39. says: dan macca

    There nice but i would never wear them and i have seen a few pwople wearing them this season in a match against me and they had to be carried off! 😛

    I wear Adidas f50.7 BEST BOOTS EVER!

  40. says: Joe Meikle

    These Boots are PERFECT….Scored 39 goals last season with them now just boought the new black and lime green ones,……Love the Lary colours

  41. says: Edwin

    In Australia Nike factory outlet they sell Total 90 Strike 2 for $140 while Total 90 Laser 2 for $90. I don’t know which one is fake!!!

  42. says: jimi

    I just got these in black and silver and they improved my power and curl a lot. They are just as good as the laser 2s and are cheaper!

  43. says: fin

    omg i just bought a blue pair they look awesome i cant wait to have a match in them…. yellow is ugly but it isnt the only colour… go for blue or red!!! gun!!!

  44. says: fin

    these shoes are awesome i could reccomend them to anyone…. yellow may look ugly but try blue and they look very trendy

  45. says: auhsoj

    lol, i actually like the yellow and black 😀
    black, red, and blue, white/silver, are too common
    and yellow sticks out, which to me sounds better
    couple more weeks till i get mines!! ^_^

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