Nike Tiempo Legend V | Neo Turquoise / Hyper Crimson

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Rocking a drastically revamped look for the new season is the all-new Nike Tiempo Legend V – Neo Turquoise / Hyper Crimson.

Whilst perhaps not as bright as the ‘Volt’ World Cup version that preceded it, there’s no doubt that this season’s Tiempo is every bit as bold.

The Nike Tiempo Legend V – Neo Turquoise / Hyper Crimson teams a daring shade of Blue with a brilliant Orange to give the Tiempo a look it’s arguably never had before.

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However, the White Swoosh with a Black outline is pure Tiempo, and is the signature call-out of this quarters football boots from Nike.

Now, we mention that this isn’t a look we’ve seen on Tiempo before, but the Tiempo Legend V is indeed a Tiempo like one we’ve never seen before.

An absolutely killer K-Leather vamp is quilt-stitched to prevent over-stretching, but is replaced by synthetic Kangalite in the heel for less water uptake and greater stability.

Ticking away under the hood is Nike’s Hypershield; an incredible mesh construction that allows the boot to have hydrophobic qualities – meaning your feet stay drier, for longer, even in terrible weather.

Nike Tiempo Legend V - Neo Turquoise / Hyper Crimson

Given the time of year, it’s also worth noting that Nike’s ACC (All Conditions Control) is also deployed, meaning you get enhanced control in the wet for consistent touch, no matter what nature throws at you.

A central lacing system also gives the Nike Tiempo Legend V a traditional look and feel, but extra padding under the lacing and ventilation holes towards the top keep things cool ‘n’ comfy up top.

Tidying things up underneath is an all-new soleplate design that brings in graduated flex under the toes and a rigid midfoot, meaning you get all the reenforcement you need when whipping a delightful cross field ball for your Number 9, but the right amount of give under the toes when sprinting or landing from going up for a header.

Getting their debuts in the Champions League tonight, we’re always a little surprised at how many players still opt for the Legend.

But then we remember the calibre of players like Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos and Andrea Pirlo will always have a few players looking to jack their swag.

Or something.


Give us your juicy thoughts on the Nike Tiempo Legend V – Neo Turquoise / Hyper Crimson in the comments section.

They sustain us.

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