Nike have never been afraid to push boundaries and expectations, but the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite shatters the mould of the Tiempo line by employing the use of premium materials and technology to effectively turn them into a leather Superfly!

Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite

Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite football boots

No matter what you may have been expecting from a new Tiempo release, we’d have to guess that you probably weren’t expecting this (unless you’ve been looking at leaked pictures, you naughty person, you) as the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite defies every expectation set out for Nike’s longest-running football boots.

Starting with the most conventional part of the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite, the upper is constructed of premium-quality K-Leather, immediately differentiating them from the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV which uses a mix of KangaLite and K-Leather.

Nike say that the leather on the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite is literally some of the finest ever seen on a pair of football boots by any brand, and has undergone treatment to make it somehow more durable and pliable.

NIke Tiempo Legend IV Elite - Football Boots

The new stitching pattern on the forefoot of the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite is also designed to enhance the softness of the boot, giving it multi-directional flexibility for unparalleled touch and feel, whilst the stitch-free toe gives a smooth area to manoeuvre the ball with.

The main feature that will set tongues wagging is the introduction of FlyWire to the silo, but this isn’t FlyWire as we know it.

Uniquely crafted and produced, Nike say this new Leather FlyWire offers us greater support in the midfoot and arch, but remains as soft and flexible as the leather surrounding it – remarkable!

NIke Tiempo Legend IV Elite - Football Boots

Other features on these outstanding football boots include a full carbon fibre soleplate, contrast-coloured studs and visual-acuity enhancing contrast heel stripes to boost peripheral vision recognition (yes, that’s still a thing that’s happening…).

Nike have also confirmed that they’ll also be producing a limited edition book to ship out with each pair, chronicling the Tiempo’s legacy to date.

Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite Release



Nike Tiempo Legend IV football boots
David Luiz d©buts the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite in training.



The Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite is set to release on July 1st 2011, in a Black/White/Total Orange colourway costing £275/$400 US.

Key athletes will include Gerard Pique, Javier Hernandez, Carlos Puyol, David Luiz and Andre Pirlo. David Luiz gave the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite their on-pitch debut in a friendly match between Brazil and Holland on June 4th 2011.

It was also notable that they were the football boots worn by Brazil’s Ronaldo in his last ever international in a friendly with Romania on June 7th 2011.
Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite Specifications

NIke Tiempo Legend IV Elite - Football Boots

– Premium K-Leather Upper
– Leather FlyWire Midfoot Support
– Centralised Lacing System
– Diagonal-stitched forefoot for flexibility and softness

– Visibility-enhancing contrast coloured heel-counter
– Moulded sockliner for ease of breaking-in
– Arch support for increased player comfort
– Internal heel counter for exceptional stability and protection

– Carbon Fibre outsole
– Optimal stud placement
– Combination of conical and bladed studs for maximum ground penetration and pressure distribution
– 238g – 20g lighter than Tiempo Legend III Elite.

NIke Tiempo Legend IV Elite - Football Boots’s Kyle says…

“Wow, Nike have created a boot to be envied and admired from a technical standpoint – but how will that monstrous price-tag effect the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite, with competition from the likes of the adiPure SL?”

You’ve had our opinion, you’ve read all the facts – now it’s your turn, hit up the comments and tell us what you make of this release!

NIKE TIEMPO LEGEND IV ELITE, 8.8 out of 10 based on 186 ratings

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  1. says: Llashj20

    Most players that buy heritage boots don’t care about flywire or carbon fiber!  With a 400$ price tag these boots really don’t fit into the silo “tiempo”.  Nike ruined the the great tiempo which used to be soft leather boots(that’s it, no useless technology needed) and a decent price tag.  Nike is falling behind adidas and they seem to believe that by raising their price and by adding technology in places it isnt needed they can catch up.  

  2. says: conjam

    wow another 400$ boot from nike. these boots are sick and very technically advanced ,but the adipure SL’s are lighter and cheaper. these are sort of a leather version of the superfly

  3. says: omgkittymeow

    This is weird, they are priced 275 pounds aswell but 350 dollars, and here400 dollars? Is there any way they might revaluate the prices because being compared against the adipure SL they have no chance being that expensive. Also are the non  elite tiempos also with orange like this?

  4. says: Mr Chow.

    nike kill it all with the price tag, adidas still wins when it comes down to it. Just as good if not better boots and lower prices. take speed for example (sorry) the adizero II weighs 165g its costs ÂŁ143 on the official site (you can get it for 100 on kitbag though 😉 ) wheres the superfly is 55g heavier yeat costs ÂŁ132 more!? its rediculous.

    dont get me wrong, nike make great boots but the price tag completley kills it.

    to put it in man terms, its like megan fox with a blue waffle vagina, everything seems great except the thing that will afect you the most…

  5. says: E@zy

    Hey guys, my team mates aren’t passing me the ball at all. Do you think if  I shelled out $400, they might see me on their periphery and pass me the ball more often?

  6. says: Kuuku


    Is this some sort of joke? Nike cannot possible be that far out of touch can they? I can’t even think of any reason I would buy these instead of an adipure SL……in fact, any other leather boot….unless I have a fetish for large ticks. -_- Ronaldo wearing them is all fine and dandy but come on. Why so expensive?

  7. says: Kuuku


    Is this some sort of joke? Nike cannot possible be that far out of touch can they? I can’t even think of any reason I would buy these instead of an adipure SL……in fact, any other leather boot….unless I have a fetish for large ticks. -_- Ronaldo wearing them is all fine and dandy but come on. Why so expensive?

  8. says: COYS

    Footy-boots you are a great website, but you have to stop trying to give such a good name to these nike boots that are produced in a chinese sweatshop for $5 then resold for $400 and that no-one can afford. Let the professionals wear them, but nike seriously need to rethink their prices or adidas, who already have better boots, will absolutely dominate the market. Which will be sad because nike have produced some of the best boots (not in the past 3 yrs, apart fro crt series) Vapor III’s best boot ever.

    1. says: Paul

      If the Nike’s cost $5 dollars to make then Adidas cost 20c to make. Yes they might be lighter but weight is not everything and they are made chaper and feel cheaper.

  9. says: Jusbruno

    $$$$$ money grabbing schemers. delusional fish brain monkeys haven’t you got enough bananas in your pockets to feed the world. ultimately greedy but I love the tempo

  10. says: Xavier Scott

    nicest boot release in a while from nike, i usually go for boots with added swerve technologies or ultra light material but thse will get me to go to the tiempo range for sure

  11. says: George

    These are probably the best boots out! Still, after a few years! Guys they may be pricey but if you want a quality boot that will last, it’s totally worth it! Just think; instead of paying about £100 a season on a decent boot but not liking it or them breaking, get these! They will last forever! My forever favourite boot! Well done NIKE, you are forever the masters of the football boot world!

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