After getting it’s debut this past weekend, we thought it timely to bring you the full update on the Nike T90 Tracer Hi-Vis!

Nike T90 Tracer Hi Vis Football

The Nike T90 Tracer High-Visibility football is the most accurate, responsive and identifiable (Personally, we think the Geo Chrome ball from the ‘Cage’ ads was much more identifiable..!) football Nike has ever designed. The new color combination using purple and yellow enhance the football’s visibility and allow players to make split-second decisions on the pitch.

The Nike T90 Tracer football is engineered to stand out on pitch during unfavourable weather conditions such as cloudiness, rain, snow, sleet or cloudiness.

The Hi-Vis yellow and purple colour combination features additional fluorescence and brighteners, making it even more visible in low light conditions than previous generations of Hi-Vis footballs.

Nike T90 Tracer Hi Vis Football

The new Nike T90 Tracer High-Vis ball is being used in the leading professional leagues across the world, including the English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga.

With its new patented hi-vis casing, performance graphic, and unique five-layer construction, the T90 Tracer Hi-Vis embodies football innovation.

Designed to FIFA’s approved specifications, weighing between 420-445 grams, and with a circumference of between 68.5-69.5 centimeters, this new football showcases the following:


The Nike T90 Tracer shows pinpoint accuracy at diverse shot and passing ranges.

Visual Acuity

The Nike T90 Tracer High-Vis ball features purple and yellow fluorescence/brighteners along witha colorful graphic pattern scientifically proven to help players see and respond quickly to the ball more than ever before.

The high-contrast asymmetrical graphic generates a strong visual signal, which catches the peripheral vision and focuses the central vision quickly.


The ball’s micro-textured casing regulates airflow equally across its entire surface giving it a more direct arrow-like flight.

The ball’s aerodynamics were scientifically tested in wind tunnels at the University of British

Testing shows that the Total 90 Tracer consistently hits a 3-foot in diameter bulls-eye while the leading competitive ball hits a bulls-eye approximately 6-feet in diameter, showing the T90 Tracer is twice as consistent as the competition.


The unique 5-layer casing and construction of the Nike T90 Tracer makes the ball easier to control for all players.

The Geo II configuration of the ball’s 32 panels gives it a 360-degree sweet spot by evenly distributing pressure across the ball.

The cotton support fabric gives the ball greater shape and stability.

The 6-wing carbon latex air chamber provides the ball with its explosive acceleration on the ground or in the air.


The engineered rubber response layer provides greater control of the ball as it absorbs and stores the energy of a pass or shot on impact before releasing it when it is moved on again.

The cross-linked nitrogen expanded foam ensures a consistent feel of the ball despite the weather conditions.

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    i really needed this in my match today, it started after school but because of the time change it got dark QUICK +there were no floodlights, everybody was missin the ball the ball when it came from long balls cause they didnt have clear view.

  2. says: harry

    footy boots why hasn’t the champions league ball gone yellow? as well as the weather ,continental fans light up flares and it gets cloudy on the pitch and in russia at this time of year i swear it snows

  3. says: Geo

    I like the look of this ball but I personally liked the nike hi-vis ball when it was yellow and royal blue. Like it used to be in I think the 2005-2006 season.

    Another thing I think is that Nike has a clear cut advantage when it comes to the balls compared to the competition. Lately people are complaining about the balls Adidas is providing (i.e. Jabulani and even Casillas bashed last year’s UCL ball) but I have yet to hear anyone get one this Nike balls.

  4. says: Clayton

    I think it’s interesting that while the Adidas balls get used for the big tournaments and often times are the subject of complaints (the Teamgheist, the Europass, The Jabulani, the UCL ball), Nike’s balls are used week in and week out in some of the top leagues and you don’t really hear any complaints about them.

    Perhaps Nike have earned their shot at a major tournament?

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