The T90 Laser III is back, and this time out it’s packing more punch than ever!

Nike Total 90 Laser III Elite

Part of the Nike Elite Series of football boots, the T90 Laser III Elite is the same football boot you know and love, but with even more added benefits.

The first one that Nike would tell you about is the full Carbon Fibre Soleplate. As we know from many other football boots such as the Umbro Stealth Pro and Puma v1.10 – Carbon Fibre has been used in the industry to provide a lightweight, rigid spine for improved power transference when striking the ball.

In the T90 Laser III Elite, the whole sole is Carbon Fibre, and it’s been specially ‘tuned’ by Nike – to make the whole plate bendable in the toes, but stable and strong in the mid-foot.

This not only makes the football boot lighter, but in theory, should also provide a great platform for the energy released when striking a ball to transfer into the ball!

The second big revolution for the new T90 Laser III Elite is the Colourway. Now, we know what you’re thinking – we thought it too on first glance!

But Nike assure us that this is a whole new level of sports science that we can expect to see exploited more often:

An average person’s vision is 99% peripheral. Under 1% is considered foveal, or focused vision.

To spark increased focus of peripheral vision Nike designers analysed the colour spectrum to identify two, high-contrast colours, so that when a player is running with these boots the colours trigger a stimulus to rapidly tune peripheral vision.

Mach Purple and Total Orange provided the perfect blend to create this effect and performance advantage.

T90 Laser III Elite

Tech Spec Total90 Laser III Elite

Adaptive Shotshield technology for instep and swerve-kicking accuracy

Asymmetric, anatomically engineered lacing system

Asymmetric tongue design following the natural lines of the foot

Cutting-edge shape correcting memory foam provides a super-smooth surface

Strategically angled, raised TPU fins create friction and increased ball spin

Innovative Instep pods ensure even pressure on the ball at impact

Teijin Microfibre synthetic upper for superior fit and performance in all conditions

Full length thermoplastic composite carbon reinforced chassis

Direct Inject bladed TPU studs for optimal traction and stability

Weight (US size 10): 285 grams, 16% lighter than it’s original statement football boot

Also included is Nike’s innovative Nike Football+ program, guaranteed to get you Deadly Accurate by the time pre-season rolls around!

So there you have it – the new Nike T90 Laser III Elite!

Released: May 22nd 2010

Price: £250

Why not tell us what you think with a comment below, or using the boot-o-meter!

NIKE T90 LASER III ELITE, 8.8 out of 10 based on 177 ratings

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  1. says: Clayton

    I think the lasers probably benefit the most from the elite series, along with the Tiempos. Still, that price….

    I think Nike will produce these in pretty limited quantities as they probably know that the average consumer would never pay this much for a mildly improved version of a football boot.

  2. says: fido

    I just realized that they are about 40g lighter than a normal pred X but cost 2.5 times more. lol think if i do wanna get a T90, i just stick to the K leather version. its also about 2.5 times cheaper than the elite version.

  3. says: thekop

    This nike elite thing it’s just a ridiculous way to get more money and frankly i think it is sad. I award them no points and may god have mercy on their soul.

  4. says: fido

    @ Perry

    sources said the Mizuno ignitus is at 229g. which makes it about 60g lighther and ÂŁ140 cheaper LOL

  5. says: erik

    this is the ugliest color period… i was thinking to buy them for the boot but too many damn beaners where the superflies and new vapors that it’d feel like a beaner boot…. drop the color or im dropping this boot…

  6. says: Alexander Cairel

    this cleats are sick i want them but im just going to settle for the green NIKE TOTAL 90 iii strike’s

  7. says: Mark

    I know everyone is complaining about cost but you can wait six months and find them for half the price! These are the latest advancements in soccer cleats and THEY ARE AWESOME! Light and powerful. I had the adizero and thought they were good because of light weight but they aren’t great for control or power and if you miss hit the ball it actually hurts your foot because they are so thin… And they don’t offer any protection. Light is good to a point… But don’t sacrifice everything else for it.

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